Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



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i cant figure out the right way to smoke it. If i dab it…even the dispensary stuff. It tastes like shit. Even when i mix it will sauce or somethng…i dont like the taste of the sauce afterwards. I dont wanna add it to cartridges cause then i have to cut it with something like artificial terpenes or some sort of dilutant.

i can add it to my joints but then they run. I know not all medicine tastes good. I usually just open a pack of gushers and add drops to all of them. It tastes great. With the gusher candy you really dont even notice the distillate and i get medicated.

Please if you guys have a way for me to smoke distillate to not have it taste like shit…please speak up…Ill buy


You just keep eating iT for iT s the healtyst way and we want You around for a long time its all yust a fantastic story :facepunch:


oil soluble flavors for eating like:


For smoking:




To be honest all the botanical terps taste pretty crappy and you don’t like how hte tastes, so quality flavors are your best option. The vape industry has been around for a lot longer than the cannabis vape industry, and have had time for lawsuits and testing. People give vape flavors a hard time, but most of the time they are safer than terps.

If you still want to work with terps, a sweetening agent helps:


  1. For sizing I would suggest to size the boiling flask as 2x larger than the weight you will most commonly run. So if you want to do 500g batches get a 1000mL setup.
  2. Our mantles are very affordability but still great quality. Has the heated top that plugs in the back, internal thermocouple, etc. As for glass do not get chinese. It’s not impossible to find quality chinese glass but it is rare. The U.S glass all has higher standards which is very important for higher vacuum levels.
    When it comes to something specifically made for cannabis that is going to cost a bit more, but considering the ROI and the value of materials to be distilled the risk of inferior equipment becomes too high.
  3. No problem going too large you can always throttle it down with valves when needed.
  4. Cheap: chiller/heater, stands, clamps, etc. cold trap (can use immersion traps for small volume)
    Quality: Boiling flask, head, mantle, vacuum pump.

If you want to save some $$$ give us a call. I know exactly how you can get started with the smallest upfront cost while not sacrificing quality.


You guys were the first spd glassware company that I found out about and have always had a great attitude and all around feel. I hope to have at least some of your glassware for my mini setup


That’s awesome. I appreciate the kind words! Sometimes it feels like people forget about us :disappointed_relieved:


I notice some short path heads have a vacuum port while others do not. Is there any advantage to buying one that does have a port since you’re already pulling vacuum at the cow?


You can have a vacuum gauge in the system. In system vac level and vac at the pump at the same time


IT s a port for a gauge not a pump If not al vapors end in the pump or beyond :grinning:


Thanks for all of the information @Dred_pirate @Beaker @Concentrated_humbold @Dred_pirate @Roguelab

@ahaharevolution that’s the part! Thanks!

I found this LS SPD setup on craigslist in my city, seems like a good deal at $850 plus some other good-to-have stuff like sep and Buchner funnels. I’m going to contact the seller but it looks like a 1 Liter BF to me, which I think might be the right size. Could I use something like this between the receiver and the pump (via trading out the cow for a dual inline distribution adaptor and 90 degree adapter) to use KF25 connections the whole way? Will a single trap be enough to protect my pump from volatiles or do I need something bigger/dual inline condensers?


One trap for a small system should be enough. I think? Someone may be able to correct me on that. You may have to make sure that you change your pump oil more frequently? But that’s a sweet deal. And the distribution thingies at ls are only a couple hundred bucks for what you are wanting


Ya that would be great, use the 1l flask as your 1st cold trap tben all tou have to get is a 2l boiking flask. There oretty cheap from Chemglass. Good score


He’s wanting to run a 1L unit. Not larger for his personal requirements @Concentrated_humbold


Get two. One single and one double. Turn the double upside down during heads. And when you get to main body, rotate flask and then seperate main and tails. Or do two singles. Do the same thing, just run main and tail together and second pass.

I think I’m going to do this with mine


Well either way it will work just fine, and the orice is right and room for expansion if he wants. I was only suggesting using the 1l as the first cokd trap to save the pump and then could still do small or larger rins if so desired


Fair enough, I was just focusing on his direct needs and size of setup.


You can find the heated tops for that 1l here. Pretty good price, too.


There’s actually a bunch of cool stuff in here.


Anyone have experience with these?