Picked this extractor

New to this extracion side looking for info to have safe medicine for my patients.this is my set up.


That tank above seems sketchy!


Agreed, why don’t you connect to the liquid port and set the tank on the ground?

This was how the guy set it up for me.

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Any insight would help my first run turned out like this

I would like to find a better way for the solvent tank.

Put tank on ground, connect hose to liquid valve, done.


So i can pull solvent from the red valve i was told pull from the liquid side with the extractor under negative pressure.

Whoever it was never wrapped their head around the fact that they are no longer sticking a can of lighter fluid in the end of a glass tube…

before you can have safe meds for your patients, you need to know how not to kill yourself. balancing a bomb on it’s head, above your head, is not a good place to start.

I’m not certain the hose on your elevated tank is actually long enough to put it on the floor, but that is certainly where it belongs. if you’ve never done this before i recommend working out a visit to/with someone who has.

this isn’t rocket surgery, but the consequences for getting it wrong are high enough that going through the process a couple of time with someone who actually knows what they’re doing (not the clown who set this up) is well worth the effort.



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if you have to have it upside down to get liquid, you’re pulling from the vapor port!

the liquid port has a diptube so it provides liquid with the tank in an upright position. Your buddy is a menace.

edit: I’m reasonably sure that I’ve seen the red vs blue valve used interchangeably on liquid vs vapor!! What matters is which one has the diptube…not the color of the handle.


I actually started looking online to make sure I didn’t post some wrong information. Most pics I’ve seen show red as liquid, but I saw a couple that show blue as liquid. I edited my post above to correct.

Hopefully your tank is labeled, I know the valve handles are marked liquid and vapor on my tank.



you should move this source of ignition about 20ft.

your solvent is heavier than air, so sticking that brushed pump in the dam you’ve made with 2x4’s is asking for trouble.


what solvent blend are you using?

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Mine is marked liquid and vapor it comes out as liquid and changes to gas and then back to liquid and goes back into the reclaim tank.

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if you’re coming out the “liq” port , and your tank is upside down, you’re only getting gas out, which would explain your yields.

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Straight butane they have a propane and butane mixture but i know that runs at a higher psi i want to get the straight butane down before i try anything else.

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I know how the process works, we are trying to point out what needs to change in your setup to make it more safe.

again, set that damn tank on the ground man!

Find the port that is marked LIQUID, connect the hose that goes to your material column on that LIQUID port, and you can safely get liquid solvent out of the tank while it is upright.


I threw that pump away


Sweet thankyou i knew the way he st it up sure didn’t look safe to me i just want it to be safe and also be good medicine im new to this and just want it to be rite.