Pic drop

This happened after one day of jarring.
seeded with about 100mg of THCA powder, shaking/swirling and then left in a cabinet.

Room temp, no hot jar tek.

I only checked it because the day before I jarred it with too much gas but was super tired and figured I’d come back to it the next afternoon. Literally not one crystal and then explosive growth.

Anyone else seen this fast of growth happen at room temperature?


At first i thought this was some kind of joke being that the mason jar had diamond shape patterns on it. Lol! But them I scrolled down more and saw the 2nd pic. But that is pretty fast reaction time for as much crystalization there is at room temp

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I capped it while it was warm and active from the water bath. Tried to create a higher pressurization since i purged off a little more gas then I’d like.

The pure THCA powder I threw in probably helped a bunch, after I swirled it around it looked kinda like a snow globe. Except the THCa was falling at a much slower rate.

I’m going to try and replicate this tonight and share my research data on this thread over the next coming weeks.

The crystallization that has formed is much more then 100mgs, at first I thought the powder just recollected on the bottom but it’s far more then I threw in and looks solid, can’t even see through the crashes crystals

then how about I move it out of Cannabiz?