Phosphorus excess in RDWC

How do I treat this? Ever since I started using mammoth P(3 weeks approx) I’ve been noticing subtle changes and I’m finally showing signs of nutrient burn.

This is all from the top of one plant. Starting to see early signs like burnt tips and off color spots on other plants as well as really wavy leaves on one plant. ![image|375x500

I just flushed on Monday for N excess, but I wonder if it wasn’t a misdiagnosis?

PPM500 measurement shows 860. The well water I use is softened and runs at 130 without nutrients so it’s not that. My PH was fluctuating a bunch last week or two, but only recently stopped in the last 48 hours. Moreover since switching the flower the leaves are all drastically thinner than they were growing in veg, on all 4 plants.

You’ve made your bed with these plants bro. I’d cut the mammoth p and ride it out. Make some drastic changes for the next crop.


Appreciate the brutal honesty and all of the free wisdom you have imparted. You’re a true champion of this community, Pickle.

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Also I’d pluck the leaves that show this damage, they’ll end up curling & drying out fast. It doesn’t look like to much bad damage so far, so they may just fade.


I got rid of those badly affected leaves. I think it might’ve been delayed burn from before I flushed monday. My ppm is down to 730 today so they’re definitely feeding still and not experiencing lockout anymore. Gonna ditch the mammoth p. The buds are beginning to grow taller and fatter much more noticeably


what is the size of your rez? More solution will help buffer changes.

Lower the am mount of light they are getting if possible

Once they start doing this too much light will kill them

Root issues can cause this as well, not just nutrient burn

Dwc doesn’t pencil out in the risk vs reward columns for me. Soooooooo many issues that can be had so when you encounter a problem it’s rocket science to narrow down the culprit


That’s part of why I’m doing living soil next.


Dude I swear it’s worth it, you’re so close. Just run sterile and your rooms will be huge.


My cousin has a masters in botany and has done nothing but give me shit for doing DWC instead of living organic soil. I’ll probably be back one day, I really enjoyed it. Once I figure out what I like the results from better I’ll probably settle

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It is difficult to find success if you don’t stay the path and trudge through the difficult learning moments. RDWC is not difficult. Im on my 2nd round in my RDWC, and I’m going to kill it. Made a few adjustments after the initial shake down run…

Whether you do soil or RCDW, try it for a few rounds so that you may develop your method into something successful. I ran soil for a while, but have a background in hydro way back in 2002-2003. So when I switched to a RDWC, I may have been slightly ahead of the curve but not by much. My first round wasn’t perfect. I ran into issues. But it still dumped. I’ve made a few adjustments…and it’s going quite well. Don’t give up. Adversity is meant to be overcome, not avoided. Go soil, stay hydro…either way work that shit and learn what works for you.


As much as I’d like to embrace it, my landlord for my grow space isn’t happy with the amount of power I’m using either. It’s higher than his initial estimates because of all the electronic equipment I’m using to dial in the grow. I’ll revisit it once it can’t cost me grow space.

He’s not wrong my g

Literally 0 upside compared to living soil


The burning stopped progressing when I stopped feeding them 10 days ago and I have no idea when to feed them again. Should I wait for them to look hungry? My ppm is still sitting around 720 since Wednesday of last week. Was 860 on feeding day but my water is only 120ppm and I’ve added water every single day to keep the level constant. It should be much lower shouldn’t it?

To be clearer, it’s 720 when it’s at 20 gallons even. It’s slightly stronger before I fill it.