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Beginner looking for a little advice. I am running a active recovery closed loop system. Why during my recovery process does my extract dry completely out? I recover down to zero (or close). I am missing how to keep gas left in my mixture so I have a workable product. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Getting a big propane muffin? Propane has an extremely low BP. And when you are nearly empty it all leaves and forms a muffin and it’s all crispy. Find a way to jack a tiny bit of butane into your collection before your run, or include a small amount of butane in your tank when you refill your system for pour off. Let me know if that was what you were asking or need anything else.


Thanks for the reply bro! Ya I’m having to scrape out my extract instead of being able to pour it out. This is especially true when I do trim runs or my second run of a nug run. I know I need to get more solvent in the collection pot just wasn’t sure how to achieve that without then building up a bunch of pressure.

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Does it look like this
IMG_20190130_193154_517|500x500 ke this?

Butane won’t really mess with your pressure. It’ll be slightly less than before, maybe. But order a small amount of butane and still that when you fill your tank. It’ll stay a liquid at the end of the run. You’ll need to add It more often because you will be losing mostly that each run on the pour off.

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How hot is your water bath? I always did 70f or lower for my propane runs.

You could add a blend of gas to the dried concentrate in the jars get it to dissolve then make diamonds! You’d have the advantage of knowing the weight of your concentrate so getting the right ratio of material to gas would be a little easier.


I have my hot water set at 92.9…maybe this is my issue…

To me that’s to hot. I’d lower it a lot. You will loose recovery speed but avoid the muffin. Start setting a timer right as you start recovering so you can start figuring out how long it takes on average.

That’s a bit hot for propane. Turn it down a few degrees and when it starts to get low. Turn off the water heat. Or let the water cool down. And when it gets closer, take it off water or circulation to let it cool.


How long do you suggest letting sit in the collection pot before pour?

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Few minutes, it won’t take long to cool. But definately add a little butane. I don’t think you can get around the muffin.

Thanks guys I’ll post results soon


Why don’t u intentionally just open w some left, if ur collection is at -78f your not gonna just rapid evap…

Don’t recover everything… Otherwise, it’s the nature of the BEAST. Everyone tells me to stay away from straight Pane


Maybe check in sight glass when get to desired level or right before remove all heating sources and let it naturally cool up will be pretty fast and let pump recover the bit or pressure left to open machine or better yet valve tec and spit it out

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things you need to wrap your head around:

What is the boiling point of Propane at atmospheric pressure?
What is the vapor pressure of Propane at the temperature you’re running your pot?

given those two; under what conditions would you expect liquid propane at atmospheric pressures?


and yeah, you want to “pour” you’ll need butane, or you’ll need to go work outside in the -50f :snowflake:


Appreciate the help🤙🏻

This is the system I’m running.


What I keep gettingp


add a couple lbs of butane to that muffin and it will be more willing to come out of the pot