PHO Diamonds

I’m a PHO Extractor for a company at a industrial level and im working on making diamonds. I have had small scale success, but I’m looking to refine my process and scale up. Basically looking for more info on when to jar and oven temp or if not needing to jar can be done. I have access to additional Terps if needed but trying to ovoid that if possible. And I fully understand how BHO Extracts and diamonds are made but PHO Extraction is not the same so process.

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The crystallization process is exactly the same. You may want to inject a small amount of butane into the collection tank towards the end of recovery and utilize the butane as a crystallization solvent for your PHO


it’s either that or add some other solvent that will actually stick around.

this question has been explored around here. you might find a better answer than @sapping_trees, but I don’t believe so


Inject .5-1 lb of nbutane into your collection pot before you start your run( not through any material ) so you can pour into jars all the propane will boil off first and all your extract will be in nbutane which is great for diamonds and pouring ect . This is the best trick a pro taught me!


Thank you! I have heard I need butane but wasn’t sure and was trying not to add to haha but I will try!

Awesome!!! I will be giving this a go! Does the nbutane separate or just purge off after diamonds form and terps poured off?

The butane will purge off as normal . What your doing is creating a bottom layer so your dabs can dissolve into it as the propane evaporates then you will be left with all your dabs in N butane so you can easily pour


Would love to try that, it’ll get your terps and diamonds while not sacrificing much color.

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Fantastic! Thank you again!

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Look into pressure swing crystallization, pentane is a good choice of solvent for that process.

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use a butane rich propane