Pesticide Remediation


Any OLCC licensed processors offering toll pesticide remediation? I have a couple of winterized crude batches testing hot for Piperonyl butoxide and my clients are looking to get them remediated.


@future, you got any leads on this one?


That’s a tricky one. Probably need some sort of chromatography.


I do not have any SOPs for piperonyl butoxide. Have you attempted the saline scrub + magsil column combo?


Hey @future thanks for the reply. I have not attempted to do any saline washing or scrubbing on the material as I do not currently have the glassware or media for these processes. I would love to try everything myself however we are currently tight on funding and would rather have someone experienced and with the glassware do it for a fee taken on by my clients. It would be a very costly exercise for the client to purchase the glassware media etc for such a small amount of oil to remediate (about 1500grams) and then it not actually work. Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks!


feel our pain! It’s the same on both sides homie! someone has to buy the powders/chemicals/equipmemt. All in all that’s how we all started, only out of our own pocketbooks! :hamburger:
edit: reject pesticide material! more cost effective, plus it gives keeps the growers in check.


I definitely understand the pain. We now have a much stricter contract in place for pesticide issues etc. This is just the first time we have had an issue. Just reaching out to see if anyone is willing to try remediation for a paid fee. The farms are taking full financial responsibility for the issue. I am reaching out on their behalf of them to see if there is anything that can be done.


Hehe, I know how to rid of it… but a certain someone on here, who is now banned, pissed me off and I’m not talking for a few more months.

It’s not cost effective AT ALL fyi. It takes UV detectors and specialized phase media to remediate PBO and a few other really hard to remove pesticides.

Maybe for the right price, I’ll talk.

I have multiple tests from Cannalysis to prove my R&D’s success.


can I buy a clue re: Abamectin?

it’s not really my problem anymore, but I’d love to be able to solve it for my previous employers.

PM me if you’d like to share off record. :wink:


Pyrethrin and permethrin both are removed with this same media that is utilized. For both, personal safety concern’s, and for market margin cornering; I have ditched all efforts with pesticide remediation.

It is a lost cause.

Growing clean cannabis will be the key for market expansion.

We just can’t clean 100’s of liters of pesticides daily, and still be cost effective, and meet AQMD requirements as we just allow too much solvent to ambiently evaporate. These solvents are highly dangerous to operators; and I, personally, never want to be liable for such solvent utilization.

I’ve already had 1 scary accident using Hexane/Ethyl Acetate, even under a hood/shield. And it sprayed all over my face.

I plan to live… alotta years.
Lmfao… not jinxing myself now ahahahaha
That wont happen if I continue pesticide remediation, in any form.

I, and my professional education, can promise you that.

Just no safe, effective method of remediation available until market entities have funds to allow me to design a SMB chromatography apparatus applicable for our necessities… and I see clean grows taking precedence, over SMB apparatus designs (which stem into the 10’s of millions of dollars to build properly)…

Now… that’s all I will say.

I ditched the project entirely out of personal safety concerns. Was not lucrative enough to risk losing double digit years from my lifespan for, and thats the honest truth.

I’ll work with alcohols and aromatic hydrocarbons all day long. But you wont see me touching any solvents considered even remotely carcinogenic, what so ever, from this point onwards.

Life is just too fragile.


Hope my partners don’t see this post, its borderline violating my non-compete.


Well damnit, i just bought some heptane thinking i was going to do what you just advocated against. I guess it’s serendipitous though, i just got the mineral oil for the hot condenser tech on the same order and have seen nothing but good results with that.


That sounds like the best EVER inscription on a gravestone I have seen. :sunglasses: Personally, I have decided to be flexible on the issue…


Lmfao dont jinx me brooo ahahahhaha


Besides being found in bug/ microbiological bombs, has anyone found PBO in other products? Possibly unlisted? Can PBO persistent inside indoor cultivation systems even after months of disuse?

I ask because a grower client’s biomass is all coming back dirty when micro extracted. They no longer use products listed as containing PBO.

Edit: not to mention the contaminated crude they’re sitting on now


@Qtp after doing quite a bit of research on PBO I have seen that growers using these products can have issues with persitent contamination in their HVAC systems for quite a while after stop use.


Can confirm it is rampent all over the California market.

Easy to cross contaminate with PBO, pyrethrin, and permethrin. Glassware and extraction equipment need to go through a multi-step decontamination if known contact with pesticides has occurred. @Future and @Photon_noir have both shared great decon methods. Most really fall short from doing proper decontamination procedures, some of my facilities I’ve consulted are included… Not easy to do a proper, full decontamination procedure. Especially if you’re working remediating a broad spectrum of pesticides.


Ouch. This is a large facility. I suppose I’ll take a look at their hvac servicing schedules and procedures. Any advice on ways to reduce its presence (eg replacing all air filters) It’s a closed system minus a co2 burp after the lights go out. Ideas on how long PBO will persist?


HVAC systems wreak havoc on pesticide cross contamination. Many new facilities, will buy refurbished or used HVAC and Quests, and introduce pesticides through that route.

You need to swab equipment, and test the swabs to assure that the equipment is truly clean. Never trust a cultivator, in my experience they lie out their ass to try to sell product and their used equipment.


To their credit, they’ve done the extra work and spent the extra money on all new commercial equipment, and have been transparent about their past pesticide usage. Rare in my experience.

Swabing is what I’ll do, thank you for the input.