Percieved value of Cannabis Terpenes

What do u guys think is the price on Real terps?
On wondering on the retail side and wholesale side.
I havent extrsated for terps in over year due to having flower that was much too nice to extract or flower that was too old. I used to get average 7-10ml per pound.
On the average bud there is 20% thc and 2% terpenes, so terpenes should be 10x the price in my mind.
Bulk thc is going for 7k a kilo if u dont know a guy already, so then it should be 7k for 100ml of terpenes, when buying in a bulk. Retail thc is like $20 per gram so a gram of terps should be $200.

A year ago, I used to sell 0.25ml of terpenes for $60 shipped and at the time i was undercutting everyone.
Had some discussions with cart makers and no ones seems to agree on a price for terps. Some say 20/ml which is heart breakingly low as a producer, and others say 200/ml bulk.
Im thinking $120/ml is a good price for retail

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The hard part is that there is no objective standard for what constitutes good cannabis-based terps. Also it’s not scalable at the current moment so every batch will be a little different depending on the strain and harvest etc. I see the future of canna-terps being harvested en mass from huge 500-acre hemp operations prior to cannabinoid extraction.


Retail? Are there really people buying .25 ml of terpenes? Why not just buy sauce if your numbers are so high? What scale do you purchase at?

Yeah people have been buying 0.25ml for years now, blue river has been the most succesful. I would get 3 or 4 sales a month to people all over the country. They are legal to ship and posses in all states, HTE isnt, so it comes down to people who want to try terpenes but dont want to risk getting in trouble

You answered both of our questions with your answer :sweat_smile:

Those willing to take risks receive a reward for their trouble.

Got a similar story as yours, though I wasnt able to garner much or really any interest or sales at 75cad/.25ml. Most would rather buy a sauce with similar terp % for $50-$60/g and I cant really blame em!

One interesting point is that the average thc content is 20% and 2% terp, but the extremes are much more for terps, no one has a double average thc variety were as 4% terp is not uncommon, ive even got some 8%+ juicers. I’d be satisfied yielding 40ml/lb @ $200/ml :smiley:

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