People Using Cannabis for Pain Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

Someone sent me this article, in my experience, I haven’t found this to be true.

The study was funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse which makes the result less surprising.

Does anyone have any anecdotal evidence that supports the findings of the study?

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How long have you gone without it, how much did you dose and for what amount of time?

Sorry I should have been more clear, in my experience of dealing with others (not personal) who have been taking cannabis products for pain, insomnia etc, I am not aware of any of them experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

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Regardless of who funded the study, to me it carries more weight than an anecdote such as yours.

The darlins net I have works wonders for pain management, as well as helping ppl quit opioids.

Quit opioids I found 1+oz a month for 6 months does the trick.

I have a variety that completely shuts down my pain receptors. Only for 20mins but it’s well worth it


I donate hardware every year to parent who take care of kids where only cannabis will help with pain and seizure etc.

I also got sober when I was 20ish and experienced severe withdrawal pains and if it wasn’t for bonnie the lady who dragged me out of drug abuse and donated a few lbs of water hash and mids to help me I’d probably still be in that painz


What varieties specifically? My wife has ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. It leaves her in debilitating pain. She and I hate the narcotics that the doctors have prescribed her.

Glad you were able to get cleaned up and focus your energy and talents towards helping yourself and others.

Eat Distillate. That’s the solution to that pain set

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Got to find a cut or seeds of that to help my wife. I hate watching her struggle…

This is a particular pheno from Dan’s bud (rip) from icmag 5yrs ago.

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Her only problem has been finding a dosage that allows her to be able to function

Half a gram brah. And spread it out

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Thanks for the information I’ll definitely look into finding it

You have to edge your dose about half a dozen times before you become functional. If you eat thc and get baked and never go to that limit again it pulls back your tollerance. She has to drive the feels over the edge several times repeatedly and then that useless feeling goes away.


Throughout the day I presume?

No just in a half hour to a hour nibble on the dose treat and spread out the intake. This way the body will digest it in steps. But the feels be the same.

I figured that but convincing her that has been rough. She was completely blitzed the few times that I got her to try RSO…

I think the more surprising is that they are using a model (3-class LTA) which extrapolates the data without taking into account any of the other items occurring in the patients lives. I’m not paying for this beyond the paywall… but I imagine it doesn’t include any of the other information that similar studies showing the opposite coming out of Europe and Israel are showing.

Those studies are looking at the entire patient and looking at way more patients as well. If a person was already in PAIN (as these patients are listed as having…) and they also don’t have any cannabis (or presumably any other pain relief) then sleeplessness and changes in mood would be expected. Hell - that’s what the cognitive behavior therapy this article recommends would beat out of them. It would teach them to keep going even when sleepy, in pain, having a hurt stomach. That somehow - those things were “okay”.

I’ve experienced this therapy myself - I don’t want it for anyone. It didn’t get to the root of my problem, it just taught me to ignore it and carry on.

In any case - here is a comprehensive study looking at a lot of the research from around the world. It does say that cannabis withdrawal does happen. But it also clearly says definitely not at the rates this article is saying and also that the withdrawal subsides in a reasonable amount of time (meaning its not lifelong, as this article also seems to imply, because its pointing to CBT as the remedy which takes YEARS).

This study points to work from all over the world, with way more patients and a lot more detailed methods for the work. The one in the Neuroscience News - doesn’t even discuss that the patients are self-reporting and that they are using a tool that was made back in the 80’s when people were still actively demonizing cannabis use. Gosh - I think I would be hating the world and saying so on paper if I was being told in a study that I was “at risk” all the time - that I was an addict and that I was going to be in recovery for the rest of my days… unless I sought CBT at a rehabilitation center. x.X

Fucking brainwashers. -shiver-