Pentane Extraction! Soxhlet style!


Hey friends

Just started a pentane extraction thread. I just got 2x 1L soxhlet extractors off of eBay. Gonna run them at ambient pressure. I’ll need to build an AC chiller to get my coolant down to a proper -18 to get these babies going proper.

I’m hoping the soxhlet condenser temp will cool my solvent enough to at least make it not pickup an insane amount of wax but we’ll see what’s up.

I’ll try to keep updating the post as I get some experiments done.

If anyone has an experience/tips off the start I’d gladly take any info I can get.

I’m guessing a long run time, high terp, 60-75% thc-a concentrate. Probably will need to wash my material a second time in better solvent but we’ll see.

Perfect world it would be high enough thc-a to toss right in the freezer and crash into some crystally sauce, but nothing’s ever easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



the warm extract will help pentane do its thing dissolving thca. you’ll likely need a dewax of some sort before you can crystallize it.

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Watch out for those cheap nanshin glass soxhlets, they do not take abuse well.

The seller is super cool about sending replacement main bodies… I’ve busted about three of them now all in different shitty shitty ways.

Don’t try to pull a vac on them without reinforcing the drainage tube, the places where the connect to the main body are weak spots-

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Awesome thx! Probably won’t bother with vacuum since the bp seems low enough. Id have to figure out some even colder chilling which is a bit cost prohibitive.