Pectin Based Vegan Organic Gummies Is a company aiming to accomplish one goal, making stress free organic gummies using Pectin. These services are for sale @

Its not uncommon to hear how difficult making gummies with pectin can be. This is just a lack of proper information about critical control points and procedure requirements.

Get the correct answers to the most important questions you are facing.

The Green Gummy is dedicated to its customer support and our customers success!

where dat Hemp Slanger verification?

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Also, what in the angelfire is that web design


Thanks for reaching out DUMPSTERFIREOG,
How do you get Slanger verification?

The website was developed by me. All of the Pictures used are from the SOP we sell.

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It appears that this user is just trying to sell their SOP not necessarily any infused products.


Thanks ky_cbd, That is all we offer.
At the moment we have a detailed SOP along with Consulting Services.

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How much is it for the sop?

The SOP is $2000.00
The Purchase comes with Useful Pectin technical information and Troubleshooting guide.

The Troubleshooting section is also for sale by itself.

Can we stop using the word organic like people actually know what it means. There are enough marketing gimmicks being used in the cannabis space.

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I use the word Organic because Pectin is considered Organic compliant, and when it comes to the recipe side of making gummies that is the only thing my company is concerned with. the biggest problem today with pectin based gummies is not all pectin is considered Organic compliant and not everyone understands that. The Green Gummy is here to help better understand how to use Pectin the correct way and better understand some of the labeling being these products.

But more to your point CroutonSampler Pectin is not Organic and that term along with no sugar is getting miss used.

What are you depositing your “green” “organic” gummies into, Captain Planet?

Oh… silicone? Is that silicone all organic?

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The Gummies and molds are not for sale so it doesn’t mater does it?

The Green gummy is for those looking to produce gummies on a production scale, that need help making gummies. If you are interested feel free to reach out.

You’re the “green” guy. Silicone is certainly not “green” and not biodegradable.

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You do realize you’re referring to artwork on the website correct?
The SOP we offer is for commercial production, the pictures you are referring to are simply art.

The art featured on your site is inorganic. Can we add a dislike button for retarded comments?

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If you have made gummies using pectin I wouldn’t bother with an SOP, one on one consulting would cover so much.

I am looking to build my name in the industry, if you have any questions we could set up a time to talk.