PC2001 Vario Pump Repair

I was handed an older pc2001 vario with a cvc 2000 controller. The pump itself does not start up (assuming I am attempting to start it correctly); instead I see a spinning circle on the controller and nothing happens. Before I get into testing the circuits; are there known fault points out there for these devices? Anyone ever come across schematics for these? Thanks for any help.

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I assume you’ve looked at the manual extensively? It’s pretty complete from my quick scan:

5519L-VAC-PUMP.pdf (1.1 MB)

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There is a soldered lone fuse inside. Check it and let resolder a new fuse on.


Thanks @SidViscous and @spdking! The fuse inside was actually missing; clearly I’m not the first to attempt this. After replacing I’m still not seeing voltage at the motor. Here’s what I can make of it so far:

  • There are 2 circuit boards in play; the lower looks to be a controller for the cvc2000 and the upper board in the pump head seems to be a 24v 5a driver for the pump motor.
  • I have replaced the fuse in the pump head but no change.
  • I do not appear to have a solid 24v signal from the lower controller circuit to the upper pump head driver circuit.

My current direction is tracing the board to figure out where the 120v ac → 24v dc is breaking down.

@dp621 i had the Same problem with a Vaccubrand pump stand. Have you checked how expensive the spare parts are already? i Ended up selling it and got a KNF pump stand for which spares are a fraction of what Fisher sci. charges which is the only distributor of vaccubrand spares in my country.

What kind of motor is it? If it’s 24vdc it’s likely a stepper and you won’t really be able to see voltage unless you use an oscilloscope.

ah, that makes sense! I was seeing a variable voltage on that signal; must be pwm.

And yes, its a 24vdc motor. I had to put it down for a few hours but when I get back to it tonight I’ll try driving the motor directly to see if that is the problem. Thank you for this info; this plus what I’m seeing on the multimeter is shining more light.

Thanks @y_tho. I found a price listing page here for some parts:

If I can identify which part needs to be replaced I will pull the trigger on ordering. (Even better if I can identify and replace a component directly myself instead of buying a new board)

For those at the edge of their seats, I finally got back to this. Issue seems to be a fried power supply board via some component failures (notably what looks like a bloated diode at D8 on the board and a charred underside):

Appears to be part number (though I haven’t located this number on the board yet):

I was able to get the pump to kick on briefly but I couldn’t find a supply on hand with enough amps. Going to grab a slightly larger power supply to test before I either build a circuit or take a plunge on a replacement part.

Look at the soldering on left. Are they all contacted and connected by poor solder material?

Replace the whole board, for sure.

It’ll just keep fuckin up otherwise.

Just IMO

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I can finally rest knowing this pump is working!! Thank you everyone for the direction, heres what I ended up doing:

The replacement power supply board was listed as a replacement cost of $813.16. From deciphering the circuit and following the rest of the board schematics; I was pretty confident that this power was simply a 120v/220v ac to 24v dc converter. After I was able to confirm this suspicion by powering the pump directly from 24vdc, I looked around for a compact power supply as a replacement for the stock part. Here I found this gem on amazon:


At a replacement cost of $19.99 vs $813.16 it was a no brainer. Here is a picture of both power supplies. The new one is on top, the original one on the bottom:

For the record, I do not recommend anyone run this long term as I have not had enough time to test the pump but all features of the pump are now working!! I can report back on long term use if it is of interest but if anyone is looking to get a broken vario pump working, definitely take a look at the power supply board.


Awesome work @dp621 this was a fun thread to follow congrats on the resurrection!


Killer good troubleshooting! Well done!

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