PayPal accounts closed today

I just had two different PayPal accounts shut down on the same day. I realize this happens occasionally anyway, but I’m wondering if anyone else got their account shutdown today as well?

“You can no longer do business with PayPal” Not a great email to wake up to.

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Sounds like they associated your accounts in one sweep.

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I assume that’s a possibility.

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What kind of business activity are you doing? Foreign transactions? Transactions with buzzwords in them like smoke shop, headshop,, or something of that nature? I got one of my accounts restricted for something like the above.


My original PayPal was shut down like this and re-opened. I had to prove my business and change my company’s dba to my actual company name.

Stoner Hosting to Move Weight

Changed logo and killed the brand.

Account has remained and improved standing.


Do you send a lot of payments and receive a lot? What do you label them as? What amounts are they usually in? Do the people sending to you have “sketchy” paypal users? Theres a lot of factors here.

I would just make a new one, change name on it, etc. or ask their support but doubt you’ll get anywhere. I have a 2 year old paypal I use for small stuff that, knock on wood, has been going strong even after a new phone.

Definitely an aged account.

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In my experience the older the account the more lax they are and less they eye it up.

Honestly Cashapp and PayPal are the last 2 good online payment services and even then it’s teetering on their last limbs

In Canada they have been snatching domains and quietly going after parts of the illegal market.

The network effect of shutting down linked accounts is likely going to make shutting down these business fairly easy.

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