Pathways into the industry?

Currently manage a retail store in WA, and would like to move into extraction down the road. I’m extremely familiar with cannabis and the science behind extraction- but have absolutely zero experience doing extraction. Recommended course of action?

Takes a few extraction courses. They are cheaper than college and if that’s your desired industry a few classes can get your right up to speed.

These people have about the cheapest course out and people here have reviewed them as good.

2x days at $800 a day seems very cheap for knowledge


start doing small scale extractions for yourself, learn the ropes and smoke your own products!


What sort of small scale extraction would you recommend to start out with?

Hmm… those do look really solid. A bit out of the way on the other hand- but I could try to make time to make it to Vegas.

the cheapest and easiest would be a simple ethanol extraction.

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Try bho, etoh, rosin ext, become familiar with basic extraction. After that you can build in complexity and add additional equipment to your lab. You can pm me about any particular questions you have.


A small mk3 (grey wolf) style system can give you a feel for etoh using added pressure. You can use it for hydrocarbon, with passive and active recovery (few extra parts) to give you a feel for how those work. And you can build one for relatively inexpensive or many others make similar styles for a great price. Water hash to the rosin press. As @Soxhlet said, become familiar with the different techniques and chose your favorite, depending on the desired end result.


I’d recommend doing some small scale stuff at home:

Hot ethanol extraction
Cold ethanol extraction

Take a chemistry class or two from a community college

I wouldn’t recommend extraction academies