Passive setup question w chiller

So I’m looking at setting up for passive and I hoped to put my glycol chiller to use. I was going to run from collection>mole>coil in coil chiller at 26 degrees F>collection tank on DI. Imma upgrade to 3/8 lines possibly even 1/2 since I have a 1/2" coil in coil

Your going to be pretty disappointed at 26f


Okay so I should run the coil In coil to a coil in DI slurry. I’m thinking I’ll burn half the DI this way

Look into one of these for moving subzero acetone and changing the Diaphragm out for one that won’t be embrittled.

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I heard that works to a degree

Just put the coil in dry ice alone keep it’ll buried

How big is ur recovery/injection tank

Ah no alcohol? My tank is just a 50# I tried recovering with slurry and I wad extremely disappointed with how fast my ice melted.

U could use the chiller as a first stage cooler making your next stage more efficient.


Or u could use Ntane only and maybe that’d work? Almost 10 degrees colder than 32f

This is the ticket with the AC chiller Tek. I’ve got a counter flow coil coming and I’ll post what I’m doing when it’s done. Counter flow coil into dry ice coil into tank.


What are the capacity specs on your chiller. i.e. watts of cooling power or BTU / Hour cooling power. This is what is important, not the temperature.


Idk the BTU exactly but it’s a 4.4 kw machine I don’t see it having a issue cooling my coil. It’s just to take some load off the DI coil anyways

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4400 watts will allow for the movement of 1 pound a minute, however it appears you have another cooled coil so that adds more capacity. I should have asked you about your hot water source. What are the specs on that?