Passive Recovery Time


i did another experiment and only began to saw terp degradation after 160f. So in my opinion running 100f to 130f is fine but hey what do i know :man_shrugging:


Have fun with that


will do


There are hundred ways to skin a cat. The reason for lower temps is to hopefully prevent terps from going into a gas phase. There are certain terpenes that’ll be lost if you go above a certain temp in a vacuum environment. I guess it doesn’t hurt as those terps can be used to determine if you have a leak as you’ll smell the terps infused in gas. It sounds like to me the material you are using doesn’t have terpenes that are gases at those temps or the terpenes you lose are insignificant to affect the quality of your product


I totally agree @Homegrown34 If there is terp loss it’s negligible. I’d rather get more runs in a day then worry about a minuscule amount of terps i’d be saving at a lower temperature recovery. I was concerned about terp loss too since i’m running my own FF material. But i did a bunch of runs with the same strain and didn’t notice a difference at all between all of the temperatures. I have run multiple strains from myself and others and never had an issue. To each there own though. Just sharing my experience with my passive system


You are collecting your extracted solution into the spool? Did you heat the spool up at all to boil the butane out of the solution and into the cold solvent tank?
If both of them are cold it will just cold boil. No evaporation is happening if the collection vessel is not being heated


Or create a proper vacuum with your tank and you can recover even faster. And then, you’ll be privy to lowering the temps. You don’t notice the loss, but it’s there. You say it’s not enough to bother you, Wurd. To each their own.

But, get that tank colder and you can recover faster. It’s science not personal preference. You want to run fast and get runs done. Do it right and stop making it harder. Get that tank cold and get it to pull its own vacuum.


Ya i dun necessarly agree with REcovery at anything over 85-90 as well. For one your Sacrificing that Color as well as terps IMO> I do distill at the higher temp im not sure if thats good or bad??
Passive REcovery is Thermodynamics. Science is on your side. As @Dred_pirate Mentioned get the tank cold enough to create its own vacuum. Thats Greatly improved our recovery times…


The temp of the liquid going into the tank from the coil is -60 or more and the tank pressure is at zero during the entire recovery. How is it your running faster passive with a larger collection vessel and lower temps? How much terpens are lost running at that heat?


I can’t vacuum my tank or get it colder then it is already because the tank still has tane in it. Once it has -60 liquid going into it the tank the tank gets down to those temps more or less anyways. The damn thing grows ice on the outside of it during recovery and is at zero psi. So you recover 30lbs in 15 minutes @Dred_pirate? The reason i said 30lbs in 45 is because once you get towards the bottom of your run things slow down cause your not building the same pressure in the vessel. So you pull 2lbs a minute the entire time or just during the main portion of your recovery?


Can’t vac my tank but i will try to run at your suggested temps on my next run and see if it makes a difference on the end product.


I never said vac the tank. Get it cold and it will create its own vacuum. I get my tank to a full vac for recovery.

Crude I will push 2lbs a min. On standard runs I will do an average of 1lb a min. And yes, they all slow down at the end.


Im doing a run later today can post pics to show my recovery setup. Purely passive with no condensing coil.


When you got -60 fluid flowing into the tank The tank is very cold it stays at 0psi the entire time i’m recovering and even after recovery. Do you put your solvent tank in dry ice and alcohol? @Dred_pirate


How big are the runs your doing? what size columns do you use?


The colder you get your tank, the more vacuum it will create.

I have a 100lb jacketed tank with a julabo fw95 running the coil to keep it cold. I have my tank set at -75 at all times. I usually do around 5lb runs on a 4x48 column. I will flush 25-30 lbs of solvent and recover and do my pour in about 40-45 min


I need to learn how to do it like you do it. I wonder if dry ice and slurry will work instead of a $40,000 Chiller? :slight_smile:


Nice! So my solvent tank is large and not jacketed So i can’t cool it down more then it’s already getting. but don’t you think it’s creating a small vac anyways once -60 or colder solvent is reurnin to the tank. it’s probably colder my temp gun just doesn’t go past -50. my coil is in dry ice and alcohol


You can take you tank down to -105f with dry ice snd acetone


Iso only gets to about -60ish. Thats if it has only been used once. After first use it get diluted with water and is less efective.
Multible coils in a step down cooling takes it down to those temps with acetone