Passive Recovery Time


I used to use a polysci. heater but it wasn’t fast enough for me so i rigged up my own system to a tankless hot water heater and it flows 130f degree water as long as it has water going into it. So on recovery all you need to do is top of the coil with dry ice until your done. No idea why everyone buys expensive ass water heaters. there a waste of money


But ur recovery tank isn’t chilled at all and passive? And u don’t pull vacuum on recovery tank? How does stuff not stall in coil, happens when I use to do with injection.
Damn that’s fast speeds …what’s the secret? Plain N tane…


Plane ntane. All passive. recovery tank is not chilled it gets pretty frozen after the first recovery though and is chilled the rest of the day. no vacuum on the recovery tank. I do start the recovery with a purge line open coming off the tank during recovery. the entire collection vessel is jacketed 8x30. I flow 130f water through the jacket and let the pressure get to 40 or 50psi and then recover. Just keep the coil topped of with dry ice and your good to go


no stall on injection cause it’s pushed with nitrogen. same concept i do 30 psi or so in to the coil, and then on recovery it’s the same process just using heat to build pressure instead of the nitrogen


I recover about 80°


I gotta $50 tankless water heater as well, 2.5 gallon. Rock on!!!


Crank up that heat to get your recovery tank psi up should help. i did a bunch of experiments and your fine recovering at 130f with no terp loss.


25-30 in 45 at 130? That’s slow. If I push to 120 I’ll push close to 2lbs a min passive.

Need some help with running that correct?


Nope running great and pretty fast


tried to post a video of recovery but it was to large? it was only 13 seconds long?


At 130. That’s slow. I don’t go above 86 and run faster. I must not be doing it right.


i must be doing it wrong then it’s just my system that i designed for myself.?


how big is your collection vessel? @Dred_pirate


12" collection. Personally I hate it, it’s too big. I could go faster with better surface area. With an 8" or even a 10".


yeah i hear ya. how come you run at 80 if 120 is so much faster?


Because I only run crude at that temp.


fresh frozen is fine at that temp to. Been running all fresh frozen for a year at those temps and the quality is the same as running it at 100f


U could be losing terps.

We recover that low ,84ish to preserve them especially if live


The terps are fine at those temps. Saw no difference with the same strain at 100f then at 130f.


last round came out fire.