Passive Recovery Time


@anon60420198 it can be whatever you want but that’s a bit warm. I run that for crude. I don’t normally go above 86. But, dunking sucks and the water cools fast, I’ve been there. If you get a couple buckets and a sois vide or two in the second one, then rig some hoses with a pump between the two, you can simulate a jacket. Until you get a jacketed bowl. They aren’t that expensive and they will save your world.


My sous vide just showed up!


Fuckin a cotton. If you find the Eco 596 pump. And finangle it to push water in and out of the bucket your bowl is in that’ll save you. Try not to put it in the same one or get in the habit.


Yeah I don’t like the idea of having electrical equipment in the same res as my collection vessel. It’s probably safe but I just don’t think the risk is worth it.

Some really good info in this thread. Thanks ya’ll.

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Random q but someone in here may have a good answer for me… did a trim run for a client and concentrate came out a bit dark, he had a decent amount of fan leaves in there so I’m figuring that’s why. I run 70/30 tane/pane mix bi-directional. Only other thing I could think of is that I let the bottom soak sit for too long (no more than a minute or two). How do I politely explain to a client that I can’t work miracles with his trim?

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Try getting into this thread and see what miracles you can pull. Horribly stored good material comes out amazing.


Did u blast cold cold…if so there’s nothing more you can really do

Trash in , Trash out!


Didn’t use my dewaxing column but ambient temp was in the teens and the gas was ~17*F. Looking at using my dewaxing column with N2 assist in the future but funds are low.

First client, so I need his business!

Can polish a turd, but it’ll still be a turd.

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Yep I’ve read most of it and am looking into utilizing the tek there, waiting for funds to come in before investing in the S.S. I could polish post extraction with ethanol wash in carbon, bentonite, and silica but that would prolong my turnaround time and I’m not sure if I’d be able to get a stable shatter from that.

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Keep it in the butane it works far better. And depending on the strain, they seem decently stable so far. Couple turned out really well.


This was my first run with his stuff so there is a learning curve to be expected when working with new material. Got several things to try and play with, but definitely have to throw more money at it!


we have so much gas flow our molsieve rattles in the column. passive speeds are intense compared to the tiny stroke of a compressor.


I was under the impression that active was faster. I couldn’t imagine running recovery any faster!! I recovered 8 lbs in less then a half hour.


That’s approximately my goal, hell, I’d be happy with 10lb in an hour flat.

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I recover an average of 1lb a min, on standard runs. I can smash up to 2lb when i’m running crude


I wish I could recover that fast. I can get a lb every 4 to 5 mins with a pump

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What solvent are you using?


Usually iso, but 7030 ntane/propane


When I ran 70/30 (twice) my times were similar to yours. Are you vaccing down your lines?
Edit nvm your running active. I was getting that running passive

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I’ve noticed my colors get darker once material stored in a Turkey bag homers much over a month old, also not regin the sieves enough, I’ve soaked mine for up to 10 minutes using dry ice iso slurry cold butane and a open jacketed column with dry ice in it, and had it come out as golden as any I’ve made yet
5 minutes soak using a regular column still blonde
Age of material and sieves are the two things I’ve noticed play the biggest role in color…

I want my recovery a bit faster also and I think upgrading my recovery tank from the standard carbon tank with 1/4" lines to a SS one with 3/8" lines
My recovery time cut in half once I started completely burying it in dryice with iso about 1/2 to 3/4 up it.
Doe you use nitrogen to push?
I’ve seen my recovery have issues if I dont vac it completely out of the system…
I recover 15 lbs in about 45 minutes…