Pass Drug Tests after Vaping HHC?

Can you vape only HHC consistently for a period of time and still pass any drug test? Assuming the product is pure – contains no D8 / D9.

I can’t find a definitive answer.

We know HHC metabolizes in the body into 8alpha-hydroxy-HHC and 8beta-hydroxy-HHC, and THC metabolizes into THC-COOH.

Could these HHC metabolites give a false positive for THC metabolites on a standard drug test?

Some people have suggested they will on an immunoassay but not on with GC-MS.

Is it worth a month in jail, losing your job etc?



D9 makes you gay right? Does hhc make you gay? Simple enough experiment


Probably more than a month! Been on paper twice, and if you got a violation you would sit in jail for weeks before even getting the violation hearing. After the hearing you could get anywhere from 1-6 months for the violation, or they could completely revoke the parole/probation and you sit in jail until the sentence is done.


This guy just wants another marketing ploy but the consequences will bring lawsuits… or worse


Given that HHCs cannot be confused for d9-THC in classic HPLC/GC methods, I would assume that this is the same dealing with their respective metabolites.

The issue may occur with d8-THC still. :grimacing:


I am fairly confident that monoclonal THC antibodies on an immunoassay won’t selectively detect any HHC as THC.


A few months ago I spoke with the salesman for CCL. He told me at that time that all hhc contains trace amounts of THC. Idk if that is still the case in our ever evolving world though.
A few guys posted on Reddit that they failed tests after exclusive hhc use.


That’s the issue, finding ND HHC.

Even a trace amount of D9 is going to show up on GC/MS

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Because no one in the market cared to have clean hhc or blended it with cheaper shit like d8

People are greedy….customers(retailers) are stupid. This is going to be the same complainfest d8 got lol people lie to make sales be it distribution or stores themselves. At the end of the day companies don’t know how to educate Bobby at the corner store and the only thing bobby retains is that “gets you high” and “doesn’t show up because it’s not a thc” all sales lines.


Yeah I have to second that customers, retailers, and retail employees do not have the attention span for this stuff. Cannot stress this enough. I see the most astoundingly stupid things marketed all the time, like delta 8 that won’t make you piss dirty is a great example I’ve seen plenty of times :man_facepalming:

I have stores I’ve been doing business with for a few years and they still don’t understand the difference between some of our products. You have to speak with them like they are a child every time and not expect them to retain any info


I’ve taken some store owners directions an straight up talk to the staff like they are stupid I highlight notes on cannabinoids and I leave training packets.

Call hours later ask them what’s this and that mofos forget every single fucking thing. For the stores I supply that are successful only reason is because the employees have bonuses on the line and the owner allows for no lazy explanations of what’s what. Those employees annoy me at times with questions with customers in front of them but I appreciate their attention to how they can potentially fuck someone’s liberty and freedom up by giving poor advice.


Could you be more intellectually dishonest?

“Ploy” — you are the problem, sir.

I am here in search of the truth. If it is true that HHC does not cause one to fail a drug test then that is massively valuable and I will communicate such as I distribute product. If it causes people to fail, I will not.

Talk to me when you’ve contributed a tenth of the knowledge I have to this community.

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Dude you’re outta pocket. I gave u an honest evaluation of your tactics


“Honest” is a stretch, but even if we accept it, your reply still lacked thoughtfulness, good faith, and expertise.

“Tactics” are irrelevant. This is a technical question.

You don’t have to reply to everything I post. Your negativity is not wanted here.

You’re negative and pompous and don’t even smoke weed how about u try some and go pee in a cup


You think I should try it for myself and if I pass, I should distribute millions of dollars worth of HHC claiming it won’t make my customers fail?

Thanks for the idea. That’s a lot simpler & easier than seeking legitimate scientific evidence.

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I’m suggesting you will fail your test and there’s your answer. I’m suggesting that you cannot make these claims because you will send people to jail. Those people will be pissed. They will sue you or hurt you. I have more experience with talking to, and thus have more insight into the way the mind of the people who have to pee in cups and just want to get high than you do.


Try not having a tantrum next time


Experts in this thread have said otherwise. You, on the other hand, are throwing shit in the wind.

Tantrum? You are either sensitive or sensationalist, or both. Neither are valuable here.