Parchment folding pro tips?

Hi everyone,
I tried searching the forum and internet for some pro-tips on general best practices for folding parchment for pressing rosin.

I see what I assume is people folding the parchment around the press bag so that it forces the rosin to channel towards the front of the press for collection.

Are people folding the parchment to fit around the back end and sides of press bag so that it is tight? Will the parchment stay intact (ideally) if you do this? I can imagine moisture and other factors might cause the paper to degrade. I’d like to keep the rosin off the plates as much as possible. We have a nug smasher press which isn’t that great and the plates are square and it seems like we need to devise some means of pushing the rosin off the plates when it squishes. Seems like parchment folding might be it.

thanks in advance.


Fold over the back then bring the sides in for a snug fit.
U want about 1/4" or 1/2" extra coming out the front to get it away from the plates.
Put some parchment on the plates themselves just incase u break it open.
Most people have some magnetic metal strip either the bar the press is made with or some strip u buy at home depot.
Use this strip to attach a catch parchment below ur plates (where the rosin would drip).
If u fold the rosin bag opening inwards a bit more to make a funnel, u can just press into a jar.

Ime, if ur pressing flower, u dont want to worry about directional flow, theres not enough oil to make it worth while and u end up degrading a bit of ur rosin trying to get it to travel “thru” ur puck, stick to quick presses for flower.
Directional flow is more appropriate for hash presses, where ur going to get over 30% return on what u press.


Thanks for the helpful information!

Flower :stuck_out_tongue:


I like doubling up. One larger sheet as a backer/where it drips and a second one made into a pouch to fit within said backer. If one fails the other will catch it before you fuck everything up too bad. It’s my go-to.


I just buy the precut paper for the Longs Peak Press and fold it in half. Done. No origami of any sort. Just utilize the clips on the front and back of press.

That’s a post press parchment


I double up as well with a basic sheet on plates and magnets used to make it fairly snug against plates. I also really like the low temp directional flow folding lol

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We pull the pucks and stack the papers. We press a couple 1000 grams in a sitting and find out yields increase significantly with bi directional flow

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Nice we find the same

Hi, could you clarify what you mean by pulling the pucks and stacking the papers? I’m not well versed enough to visualize what you’re saying. Thanks!

The bidirectional flow increasing yields makes sense. I’m looking into one of the low temp presses; thinking narrower, longer plates flowing out on both sides like was mentioned looks like a solid approach.

Pulling the pressed bags (pucks) from the paper immediately after pressing. Then take the parchment paper with the actual rosin on it and fold it in half then stacking papers up and collecting the product later.