Panakeia distributer Tesoro Genetics email - .50 ea, MOQ1k, cert. stock - THC-free CBG-dominant seeds D.A.R.E.-type cannabis

Found a potential source of THC-free (non-detect in flower/biomass) CBG-dominant seeds. Haven’t pursued it / vetted it. But it’s been impossible for me to find non-thc producing strains safe for bubblehashing /concentrating. No idea if feminized. No idea on terps / nose, etc. Still saving up to try ‘em out soon. T-free hash bricks for thought.


Holy shit I just searched (doh!) and these aren’t maybe the best for PNW with regards to flowering time. Plus other stuff.

I just had the email direct and wanted to check it out. TMYK…

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I’ve processed a lot of Panakeia. It’s definitely T-Free. There is a trade-off though. You really don’t want to get the biomass on your skin. Just the ambient dust from milling makes many breakout. Milling personnel need tightly sealed ‘head to toe’ clothing. That being said, it’s a hardy plant and it makes great T-Free distillate.


Wtf is dare type cannabis?

CBG strains are pretty low in total thcs already (defiantly below 0.3% total) and if not decarbed, would be THC free. I’d think you could make CBG hash below the total thc limit with existing strains. Is this strain really that special? Any coa on some of the flower?

Looked up one of their coa’s… By their own in-house analysis there is a thc peak… Thc free it is not… Just because you don’t intigrate it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Looks like regular cbg strain to me.

I know thc concentrates less in the trichromes than does cbd. Im not positive about cbg. You may have some surprising results in that bubble hash does not concentrate the thc as much as one might think.

Cannabinoid biosynthesis is almost exclusively in the trichomes. I’d be surprised to find any concentration differences between cbg VS cbd VS thc specific to the trichomes, seeing as they are all products of cbg and cbg biosynthesis is only really occurring in the trichome… Unless their is some transport mechanism going from trichome to leaf that is biased towards one cannabinoid. But have not seen it

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Im only saying that because I had a friend’s lab test my cbd bubble made from hemp that was about .7 percent thc. It came back 70 percent cbd and nd thc. Afaik thc bubble usually tests in the 40s. And like I said I have never tried it with cbg.

Ah I see where that line of thinking is coming from but CBD hash definitely has detectable thc in it. At higher concentration than in the flower, about the same increase as the cbd increase. So that ND on the thc was very very likely a mistake… Unless you have a magic hashing screen.

I once tested some hashed waste hemp flower VS the starting flower… And no bias noted between cannabinoids… As in the ratios of cbd VS thc remained the same. Although there was less decarbed cannabinoids in the waste, more decarbed in the trichomes (all freshly tested after hashing).

That possibility did occur to me. They were not a low budget operation, but mistakes are possible. What percentage cbd does hash usually test at? I was thinking it was a lot higher than thc bubble hash. If thc bubble was 70 percent, everyone would be making it.

A 100nm sift on 10kg of 10%cbd would yield about 0.5kg after a good tri quarter hour spin… Of about 35%cbd premium kief… The ratio more or less stayed 1:25…

Depending on the um of the screen and how aggressive the beating was, I’d say bubble is 30-50% thc or cbd. 70% is damn near impossible. No reason cbd hash would be more potent than thc hash.

Lab error in weighing would be my guess. And if it is 70%cbd the thing would def have thc in there.

Isnt there some kind of tech by bubble man sam, that does get more than 90%trichomes… Wich then accounts for a 60% kief or something…

Its nitrogen dryed and then delicately sifted ofver mesh… But the yield is maybe 1% :slight_smile: