Panacea Plant Sciences

Name: David Heldreth
Company Name: Panacea Plant Sciences
Contact Info: | (425) 728-0994
Location: Seattle, WA
Team Size: 2-15

Services Offered:

Cultivation consulting focused on improving yield, potency and terpene profiles (we average 15-30% increases) while reducing input costs and moving towards organic methods of production:

With 15 years of medical cannabis cultivation experience and a scientific understanding of the science behind how environment (light, fertilizer, atmosphere, moisture, pest/fungi pressures) affect the plant and it’s yield/terpenes/potency. I can help you dial in your cultivation for highest potency and terpenes for boutique flower or yield the most raw THC for extracting. The plant you select and environment you provide are important factors on your outcome. Grow for your use! Reduce your pesticide use through organic and IPM strategies. Breeding programs, cultivation planning/layout, etc offered as well.

Hemp and Cannabis regulatory consulting:

Regulatory consulting/lobbying services.I provide services for everyone from a producer/processor to a hemp food manufacturer. I can help you navigate the landscape of your state and the federal legal cannabis system. I have years of experience working with the government as a journalist, business owner and lobbyist. I speak with the FDA/EPA/DEA regularly about the process to get hemp food and animal feed to market legally. I also work with state agencies on these issues.

Fertilizer/Pesticide regulatory consulting:

I am an expert on fertilizer/pesticide regulations for cannabis and general agriculture at the state and national level. I regularly speak with the EPA/FDA/DEA and state agricultural agencies on regulatory steps needed to get fertilizers/pesticides approved for cannabis and other crops. I broke the story of Scott’s Miracle-Gro filing for cannabis pesticide approval from the EPA in 2020. In an ever changing regulatory landscape its important to check for updates regularly. I can save you the effort and time.

Rates, if public: Costs vary by project. day on site (plus travel expenses), Research/Reports available rates vary.
States Available in: All and International
Insured?: Yes
OLCC Workers Permit?: No