Packaging supplier?

Where are you purchasing your packaging for vape carts or concentrates? We’re are looking for a supplier right now and are wondering where does the the community go too?

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What state?

Cool, i have some retail packaging that arrives on Monday. If it looks great i will shoot you the guys number that made it. The jars i sourced locally in LA but wasn’t to impressed with the glass quality so I’m having a 100k made in China.


I source my jars, syringes, and all my custom packaging from china… Carts too but they take some trial and error as the quality control is shit… Basically anything that doesnt rely on “mechanical functionality” if thats the right term, i go through ali baba… stickers, boxes, clamshells, etc.


Packaging on dh gate 100/50.00

Inserts from vistaprint. My design. Im no pro, but 9nly having minimal $ for pqckaging keeps costs low for my clients 500/45.00


Nice, that works.


I’ve been quoted for .06¢ Per 10,000 a insert through Cannaline, we’re going to use these through them , because having a US supplier for at least one of our packaging needs would be nice. We’re looking for a cardboard slider type box for our vape carts that’s sourced through a US distributor. Any leads anyone?

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What dimensions?
If you have a tek savy guy to design what you want, any priint shop can print them cheap.

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The card board box?

What dimensions is the packaging your bramd need to be in?

They out of stock on all the 5ml childproof containers. :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

check out mr soup the box guy on ig he is us based

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Requested, :facepunch::100:.

Does vistaprint let you do custom sizes for those, or is there some standard option you’re using?

Do you have any link or info you could pass along on this? Anyone we can reach out to and say you referred us? We’re looking to source some jars for our packaging.


Let’s talk tomorrow as we can combine buying power to order more and get a better price.


You’ll have to go there. They have many size options.

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