P&IDs for Sale

Hi Everyone,

Total shot in the dark, but over the past several months I have spent a ton of time creating architectural, mechanical and process drawings.

One of these that I’ve gained a ton of experience with has been P&IDs (Process and Instrumentation Diagrams). Essentially an illustration of the equipment and flow path of your equipment.

These drawings simplify the task of making equipment improvements and really allow one to see the equipment in its most basic manifestation.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.




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Sure, I’ll bump the thread with an example from the Closed Loop Design contest soon—I don’t think clients would be too stoked with me sharing their drawings!

Thanks for the suggestion.


Do you do the process engineering? Line size calculations, piping material specifications, pressure ratings, instrument valve sizing, etc?

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Ya I’d need an example of what exactly you provide cause I could have some jobs for you if I understand more what exactly your trying to provide

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My CAD services run the gamut. What would you need?

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Not even sure yet. Working with my MEP this eeek and their company is gonna give me what the fire marshals expectations are

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Yes, this is can all be added to the bare bones P&ID. Also, I have a lot of experience compiling component turn over packages—a compilation of the various pieces of equipment, their tech sheets and any quality certificates they may have.

Pump and line sizing takes longer and is more variable.