Outdoor growing in the marshy bog

Gonna move, wife wants to be closer to grandkids. Me too.
I negotiated keeping my river bottom 30 acres to grow.
Absolutely perfect microclimate for cannabis outdoors.
I’m battle hardened with my current soil, water, wind breaks, vermin or varmits as we call them.

Moving to a very light sandy area. Sits on a very good aquifer.
The back of the property is a marshy area, spring creeks, wilderness.
Area farmers raise peaches and mellons in this type soil.

I’m unfamiliar with the soil. I’m bringing my organic dirt. A couple of dump loans. Heard old farmers tell me they mix to retain water better. I’m gonna play.

Did some research, really excited on what I found. Grow bags or raised beds and roots grow into the high water table. Very healthy plant were grown this way. I’m excited.

Anyone else’s growing area marshy? Any advice? Planning on 150-250 gps point grow.

I’m a wick subsurface irrigation kinda guy. I don’t have deer issues now. my plants are within house walking range.

Now it will be a 4wheeler or an Argo terrain on the back 80. Reduced risk with volume?

Any advice appreciated!


Run a few drain tiles to a lower area than where you plant. If it was marshy in the summer you might need a boat back there during a rainy season.


If its marshy use smart pot type containers…

Screw buying them I use the weed fabric you buy in rolls from home depot that you lay in your flower beds for weed control.

Then I get horse wire or chicken wire and use that as the frame for pots… works out to about 4 or 5 bucks per 100 gallon pot.

Ill see if I can find a pic from my old garden and post it for ya!

Ok this is from like 2014 or so lol but see how I just used weed fabric and horse wire with some zip ties… super easy and will never let your plants hold to much water!


I planted a hemp patch on bottom ground this year. A few plants in the lowest area died, but almost all of them did great. Deer do not eat cannabis plants near me, but everyone’s pest pressure is different. Some people have trouble with rabbits. I think the rabbits are a lot worse in tilled fields. I leave strips of grass between rows and never have had a rabbit problem.

Catepillars are the absolute worst pest near me. They are insidious and destroy bud from the inside. Preventative applications of a biological catepillar killer are very important in my climate.


Use pallets to get plants off the soggy ground. Then use the fabric pot diy above

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Could probably build sub-irrigated beds easily…

There’s an episode of strain hunters that featured a jamaican farm that built islands in the marsh by piling underwater rootballs and soil. So maybe create an island or something. Or grow grow grow your boat.


I’ve grown in standing water 10 years ago in 4’ tall swamp tubes loaded with AN heavy harvest and promix. They did surprisingly well and I never watered once.


If the Eurasian hemp borer is a problem where you are, don’t use bamboo stakes lol. We released some Zelus renardii and they killed them within a week.


I’m in a similar situation: sandy soil with marshes on all sides, high water table, and a 4 wheeler ride from my home.

If the area you plant is more sandy and less marshy, you’ll be in good shape, as those areas drain pretty quickly. However, if you do get a TON of rain, which is likely once or twice a season at least, depending on location, the high water table can lead to some serious standing water.

Try to pick the highest, sandiest point, and then set your grow bags on pallets. This will aid airflow and will keep them off the ground in case of any puddles forming. You wont get roots growing into the soil, but you will get air pruning and increased oxygen to the root zone.

If you are worried about deer, I use an 8’ rolled fence and it seems to do the trick. Rabbits are more my issue.

Good luck!

I seen someone in a high times article who did this… the pot was made from hog wire and wrapped in a camo tarp and was at least 4’ tall then was filled to the top with promix… the swap would naturally ebb and flow and feed the plant daily. Gorilla growing for sure

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Had a house on an island in the CA delta. Was only house on it and we grew in the marsh. Ran 200 gallon smartpots and sunshine no 4 . When the tide was very high every couple of weeks the marsh would flood and the pots would get completely covered. Had no problems and also not much watering. Also built light dep hoops on 4 foot posts! Wish I had pics. Marsh totally works imo.


Thanks for all the info! I am getting excited. Everything I own is in play currently. I can’t wait!

How to make the grill bags cheap is of great value. Thank you very much for the idea. I would love to see more pictures of everyone set up’s. Or maybe a better explanation of a swamp tube.

After seeing the guy from Thailand pictures. Incredibly beautiful pictures I might add, I like row cropping. Our property is full of black jack oak 6 to 10 inches in diameter 30 foot tall. I will use these for the sides of our grow beds with the fabric material inside. I am bringing approximately five dump truck loads of my dirt to mix with the local sand and clay. A few but not many additives in bingo. I like to grow trees.

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