Out of the game.Selling all my shit. NORCAL (sold)

The time has cum for me to blow my load into the air of the bitch that is life and create new semens in another
dimension. So…im selling all my stuff…

300L collection(brand new)
300L solvent tank (brand new)
200lb double jacketed solvent tank(100% new)
44L spin column(new as fuck)
Another 44L spin column(super new)
125lb xtractor deepcock solvent tank. Non-jacketed. Non-new.
(2)Subzero 60 ft coils
10+ filter plates(most are new)
A bunch of 6" high pressure clamps
A shit ton of brand new hoses
6" jacketed column(also new)
(4)6" columns
4x 24 and 48 columns…I think there are 3 or 4…
I have two Yamato 0.9 ovens that were like 3k new but ill take a couple hand jobs for them.
Oh yeah and a bunch of bolts and nuts and like 6000 1/2 ball valves and some other random shit that ill think of later.


How much for the 300l’s and the 200lb?

I paid 7500 for the 300L solvent tank…I won’t take less than that unfortunately.

The other I paid like 4800 and added lids and shit to it…

The 200lb tank I’d take 2k.



I’ll get back to you on that.

How much for the 125lb “deepcock”?

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Lol. Fuck I dunno shoot me an offer

Whats a spin column



Pics of the 2 and 300L vessels please. Along with details. Interested in 6inch jacketed columns. 6inch clamps and reducers, caps, ect.

Are those the ones from jiangsu petrol co? Or the atlas from purge labs? Looks like the masserator gears from jiangsu’s. They hold 35lbs of biomass.

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Handjobs eh? Is that with or without lotion?


How some pricing on the fittings? I could use a couple ball valves, etc



How about a reach around? I’m in eureka and need some hoses, nuts bolts


I’m interested in the 6 inch parts and the nuts and bolts and ball valves and hoses

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How much for 4” columns? Jacketed? Sleeved? Or normal plain ass columns?

And how much per 1/2” ball valve? Any pics of them?


The 300l solvent tank is SOLD


Is that the 200 one from Xtractor depot

I sent a dm about parts

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