Our distillate failed Paclobutrazol

Any advise on how to get rid of it? we ran our distillate through a chromatography column once.

Chemical Residue Screening

Paclobutrazol μg/g 0.09
LOQ (μg/g) 0.03
LOD (μg/g) 0.01
Action Limit μg/g 0.00
Status: Fail

Paclobutrazol is soluble in water and hexane, so you can remediate your distillate by washing it w/ hexane followed by water 5x or so. You should be able to observe the water-soluble impurities (including paclobutrazol) separate in real time


thank you Sacrafty, so after the washes rotovape the solution and then spd right?

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Yep! Here’s more info on paclobutrazol solubility if you’re intending to uses other solvents/solutions for remediating your stuff. Since s

Solubility in solvents @ 20 C: water (26 mg/l), acetone (110 g/l), cyclohexanone (180 g/l), dichloromethane (100 g/l), hexane (10 g/l), xylene (60 g/l), methanol (150 g/l), propylene glycol (50 g/l)


but the question is-will the pesticide go with the water or stay with the hexane


Hopefully OP gives us on update on their pest test results of the remediated distillate AND the water used to wash out the hexane+paclobutrazol :slight_smile:

Because of the CL tail you can also use our molecular sieve beads to remove the paclo. @Sacrafty


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I’m interested in using your molecular sieve beads, please send me more info.

are you guys successfully remediating PBZ from distillate using a hexane/water wash? based on @Sacrafty post on solubility it appears more soluble in H2O at 20 degrees then the Hexane. so the water should pull the PBZ into its solution when mixed up.

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Just looking through this thread. notice that the solubility for water is in mg not g.

I’d wager a hexanes:MeOH/Water LLE would do the trick. Hexanes water would probably require about a million washes to do any good.

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That’s my favorite LLE anyways

It looks like Pbz is least soluble in water out of all those solvents so an lle with water would not pull the paclo out


Is there a way to remove the paclo with butane and crc?

The easy way is to dilute to a passable loq with clean product

The hard way and better way is chromatography


Magsil in a crc column.