Other Plants

Which plants contain a resin appropriate for vaporization at proper temperatures?

The plant along with the chemical responsible for its purpose would be valuable.

Chamomile, Lavender, Ashwagandha, Lemongrass were my initial thoughts although some may not have all the right components?

25% Psychoactive Cannabinoids, 25% non Psychoactive Cannabinoids, 50% other options

Just to clarify, are you asking for a plant that has a similar resin/oil as cannabis?

Relatively few other plants contain cannabinoids.



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Not a doctor but now we are thinking :slight_smile:

Certain constituents in a plant resin have synergistic impacts on one another. I want to ensure that the extract does not have negative potential?

I assume each extract will need to be formulated for a specific purpose.


We’re not even confident on whether or weed is ok to be smoking or vaping… Especially with concentrates and terpenes.

A word of caution on adding another set of plants to the mix here.

We don’t know what compounds are gonna build up in your liver and give you a bad time all around.


Try smoking some Salvia Divinorum.:wink:


Or not! Think the shit supposed to be chewed anyways! Smoking it was awful!

DMT would be the much better option imo!


I smoked the salvia one time the world melted turned into a river an was drowning me … can’t make that up avoid the salvia unless you wanna acid trip of epic proportions… :exploding_head::grin:


back in my younger days I smoked salvia a few times, always went into complete outer space every time it was pretty crazy. I got really bad headaches for a full 24 hours afterwards which wasn’t pleasant.
The first and best trip - I was in a completely dark room and shortly after ripping a huge bowl all I felt was blinding light from what seemed like a sun, which then turned into molten lava and engulfed me. It kind of sounds similar to your drowning experience. I felt like I was drowning in liquid light… It was pretty intense.

around 3-5 mins later when I started coming down I realized I was lying under a desk swimming on the carpet in complete darkness.


I smoked it in Amsterdam when I was a young buck with a few foreigners from differs countries. We all had similar experiences to what you guys described. If you have ever tried acid or shrooms, this is the next level with a few minutes of down time. I was told by Mila that it was smoked by Inca shamans to speak with the spirits.

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My trip was running back and forth up the stairs after I took a hit from my bong, it induced panic and the end I remember turning in on the showers in the house to clean .

Data Dump,
Handbook of Essential Oils, Pages 55-63. :slight_smile: