Original Cart Shooter Kit from Ypsi Oil now $200 with 1 year warranty and extra accessories 0.5ml and 1ml

120v 80w Digital PID Heat Controlled Cart and Dart Filling Syringe with Luer Lock Tip, 6ft power cord and 6ft syringe cord now available.

80W - 120V Heater

6ft Power Cord

6ft Shooter Cord

1 x Snap-On Heater Wrap

3 x 16g 1/4" Blunt Tip Filling Needle

3 x 14g 1/2" Blunt Tip Filling Needle

1 x Luer Lock Adapters for Filling Darts and Smaller Syringes

3 x Luer Lock Caps

1 x Extra Shooter Tube

Your Choice of Shooter Size

1 Year PID Controller Warranty


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Looks like the same ones they sell on Alibaba for cheaper.

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Cart filler that can’t do the most popular .5 cart? I’ll stick with the @cart.farm :muscle:

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We also have a .5ml version https://ypsioil.com/product/cart-shooter-25ml/

We originally made this In 2017, We’ve been knocked off by everyone including 50 shot. We were the 1st to market

Where is it made?

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The Gun and tube is made in Germany and the PID and Heater in China

Tube is plastic? Looks like the Chinese ones.

polypropylene, made in Germany- knocked off by Chinese

Made by allflex, its a German company

@YPSIOIL love you guys but I don’t love this style of shooter. No margin for error. It’s hard to shoot top ups on carts and it’s not as accurate as the unimatic. My 2 cents is the world has progressed past this type of filling gun. I was a poor soul that had one of these allflex units and they make puppies cry.