Organization of standards in freezer

How do yall’s keep your standards easily sorted in the freezer? We have small bins ~4x8 in or so but its a pain to root through every time. Trying to find something that would accommodate the rectangular boxes restek sends, the plastic tubes with ampules inside, and plastic bags with ampules inside. Any ideas/tips and tricks are appreciated.

5 Pcs Tube Rack Double Panel Microcentrifuge PCR Centrifuge Tube Holder, 60-Well

How big are your bottles?

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empty pipette tip boxes


We have some of those for 2 mL AS vials but to fit the 2.5x1x1 restek standard rectangle things and plastic bags it doesn’t work. I’ve been thinking maybe something like rubber bands stretched so they grip something you put in there but they probably wouldn’t work in a -20 C freezer

All of the above


We have one or two but im looking for something that would remove the need to root through a box

What’s that covered box called? it looks like it can fit 4 mL and 2 mL vials

Polycarbonate Freezer Box or CryoBox. It only stores the 2mL, at least the ones I have but they are handy.


Found one that holds 5 mL vials which we might try to put 2 mL vials in too.

At the product description this one shows some other models you might be able to use


I’ve been looking for a new project to work on so I’ll try and model/print something this weekend and share the files later. I got one of those old Restek square containers and vial laying around I can measure. How many would y’all want it to hold? Any other “features” you guys think you would want or other things for it to hold? Id just need pictures next to a lighter, a coin, or something so I could scale and measure the pic if it should hold something else.


Ill give mm measurements.
There are multiple ways to cut it. Have one box for only 2 mL and 4 mL vials and one box for ampules or combine them

The big things are: Can hold vials of 11.62 mm to 14.8 mm in size. Has enough depth of container to hold ampules 69.2-96 mm in length and ~12 mm in diameter as ampule diameter can vary a bit. A lid would be helpful for ampules so it can be shut and protected from things knocking around and accidentally breaking an ampule.

Restek ampule containers are 29x29x85 mm and some longer ampules are 110 mm long and ~12 mm in diameter

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Any update on this?

Ah shit I got busy and forgot. I’ll start on it right now and should be able to do it within this holiday weekend. My bad.

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Any one found a decent storage box for storing unopened ampoules?

We use these with 81 place dividers plus a little foam at the bottom to accommodate the largest ampule

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