Organic teas

I’m super into not using anything but organics in feeding regiments. I can’t stand it. For cheaper basically you can buy the components and make your own oxygenated teas with both microbes and micro nutrient suspension.

What tea recipes do you like.


You know. A whole buncha shit


Recipe for 300 gallons of tea:

Mix the following(dry) in a bucket and then add to your extractor/tea bag:

12 cups of Baseline
12 cups of Humus
24 cups of earthworm castings
12 cups of organic compost
1.5 cups of powdered glacial rock
2-3 cups of soluble seaweed extract

Brew for 20 hours
Wring out extractor bag
Remove extractor bag
Stir and mix the brew well
Then add the following to the brew immediately before application:

1 cup of fish hydrolysate
1 cup of mycorryhzae
1 cup of “Insect Frass"

Stir and mix the brew well


Bountea has a great line.

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Typically my current tea is based on n or pk type. So either direction.

Earthworm castings.
Mushroom compost.
Bat or seabird guano or mixed.
Baseline liquid humus.
Pinch of granular mykos

Hour before feed I add
Azos and ws mykos

I don’t use grass bc it gets into feeder pump and I don’t use glacier rock since it doesn’t do much except sit on surface of dirt. Water don’t exactly extract diatoms.


Add some fulvic and silica

I use ferti fulvic plus and agsil16

Or you could hit up @AgTonik there stuff is solid as well