Organic T free disty - Looking for cGMP certified organic white label

Does this exist?

Is there anyway to get ND thc on a certified organic product?

It’s organic certified and has ND THC?

I’d like to see that… no I’m not going to DM you

Yes you can

Using organic ethanol for the chromatography.


Is there anyone doing this?

Here you go

I love how you asked for a product and then question someone who manufactures it for a living lol.

TFree CH:AVF COA 95%.pdf (349.3 KB)

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Also probably the best USDA certified organic tfree CBD content in the market right now too.

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Dm me pricing on singles please

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Bravo. Nothing personal. It’s about time some future members start putting their money where their mouth is.

Are you a GMP facility that also white labels?


We’ve finished our desk audit and should have our on site audit in 6 weeks for our GMP and yes we white label and private label as well. No offense either, lots of folks here can sometimes be ignorant and argumentative on subjects they’re not experts on lol


Bump. Looking for organic t free products I can white label.

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Must be ND on all thc