Organic Chemist/Research Scientist

Our mission at ANG Sciences is to develop and commercialize breakthrough life science products as novel therapies. We are building a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated scientists passionate about staying abreast with new research- synthesizing novel cannabinoids, optimizing nano encapsulation for phytonutrients and cannabinoids, and exploring other exciting possibilities in nutraceuticals.

We are currently looking for an accomplished chemist with a proven track record of success. The ideal candidate will be passionate about staying up-to-date with new research and will be comfortable running with ideas on their own. The position requires a positive can-do attitude and the ability to be self-directed. Biohacking background a plus.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Synthesis, isolation, and purification of organic compounds
  • Staying current with research
  • Helping us select equipment for our laboratory through prior knowledge and current research

Job Brief

We are looking for an enthusiastic organic chemist who is comfortable experimenting with new compounds and formulations.


  • B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. in Chemistry with a focus on synthetic organic chemistry.
  • 5-15+ years of experience in small molecule drug discovery, biotechnology or other related experience
  • Highly versed in current instrumentation: HPLC, LC-MS, NMR and purification systems.
  • Committed to staying current with the latest scientific breakthroughs through a continued reading of the literature
  • An excellent team player with the ability to communicate succinctly and be accountable for the progress of the project at hand. Highly organized with excellent analytical, documentation, time management, and multi-tasking skills.

About ANG Sciences

Drive innovation in botanical bioscience through a radical commitment to customer wellbeing, employee satisfaction, scientific rigor, public advocacy, and sustainable operations.

ANG Sciences is dedicated to developing and commercializing breakthrough life science products and services. We identify the most promising research in the field of life science and develop this research into the highest quality and most effective real-world solutions. Our unique strength lies in developing and executing creative, actionable commercialization strategies, which range from formulating solutions to market gaps to producing interactive tailored content and systems, all based on the latest research.


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