Oregon Labs

I’m looking to relocate to Oregon/norcal this fall, midwest is not my cuppa tea and I’d like to work with people that have more experience than what can be found around here, I miss my west coast friends and family a lot.

Anyone who knows of potential opportunities please let me know and I’ll send a resume over.


We’ll have to chat about it this weekend if I can find anything. If you’re still making it out

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sunday right? tryin my damndest but I still didn’t nab a ticket and I have a ton to do before monday.

It’s all sold out, actually

Talk to Bryan some more before you go.

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What’s up Dred! Hey Rowan! My friend tells me that we live in the same neck of the woods. I’m a senior at uwm and have been passionate about the industry for a while. I’d love to grab drinks sometime if you’re up for it! :beers:

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I’m pretty sure I won’t make it out- I’m swamped here trying to tie up all my finishing work.

Someone once told me I let perfect get in the way of good, this feels super true right now.


I know the pain. I can’t settle for “good enough”. I’m a perfectionist and it has to be done right.

What’s your plight with being up here?

No worries about not making it. I was actually set back that you’d be on the other side of the table. I would think you’re more likely to be up there with me

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what do you mean? up where?


I thought you worked in Maine??

Arizona. My facility is in Winslow. Fuckin, taking it easy, standing on a corner

I live in Phoenix, though. That’s where work is


I heard regs in AZ are a real bitch, my sister lives out there and we were considering looking at that area, real interested in Nevada as well.

For hemp it’s probably going to be easier to get a processing facility. For thc, it’s not hard, just requires money. Anyone can get a grow license, you just have to have the capitol, or investor to build the grow, monthly licensing fees(40-50k monthly) etc etc. Vegas I think it requires money to get a license

I’m in southern Oregon. You can apply with my lab. I’m currently expanding and capable of thc remediation, pesticide remediation, isolate, cbda distillate… pretty much anything I want to do with this plant I’ve been able to so far. I’m a small lab but remediation of thc is where I’m focusing my lab towards. Also I have to find a person capable of running my lab but they will be vetted and observed very closely. If this sounds like something you’re interested in send me a resume and cover letter. I have built a lab capable of all this, have 5 product lines I’m launching, and a new idea I’m going full into outside of everything I’m doing and I honestly think I can revolutionize the hemp industry. If you want to be part of this team email blf5566@gmail.com.


Have been reading a ton of your posts over the past while and have found them to be a ton of help, best of luck to you. Kinda scares me that your not finding WI a place you want to work anymore because I myself am just moving back to WI to start doing distillation after being in CA for 2 years. Again best of luck and I hope you continue to keep posting.