Oregon hemp says “F*** YOU USDA with your regs.

Anyone see this yet (that doesn’t live in the state). I am currently working with MDARD here in Michigan to try and get similar language and protection for the new bill to be accepted by the USDA. Along with being able to sell off our THC fractions from our chroma runs to dispensaries so we can literally use all the cannabinoids in the plant. Waiting to hear back from Gina in a bunch of stuff regarding the amended bill.

Sent this to her and she’s checking into it.


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this looks really interesting. is there laws in other states that are similar and/or consistent with this?

i appreciate the post- never knew there was a limit

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I’m not sure…

We are delving into it with our state rep and head of the hemp program here in Michigan to see what we can get away with in regards to THC levels.

The USDA only addresses flower and not post processing. That’s the only loophole I found that would constitute what Oregon has pulled off.

I’m calling them next week to get their take on it

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This doesn’t really have too much to do with the USDA. Olcc only deals with ‘marijuana’. You can get an olcc license & an ODA license to allow for products to be transferred in to the ‘adult use’ market, which currently can only be sold within the state of Oregon…

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Point being the state superseded what the USDA has said in regards to hemp. The ODA and ORCC are working hand in hand. That’s what I’ve been trying to do here in Michigan which shows it can be done.

This is a pretty big thing because it means that the two industries are blending.

But getting it done here in Michigan won’t be easy. Gina means well…
At the beginning of the year they told us we would be able to sell post process products over .3 to the dispensaries. Come harvest/processing time I asked how we were going to get set up with the metrc system. MDARD said talk to LARA. LARA said “ nobody talked to us about this”.

That would be great if it happens, just don’t hold your breath

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We are talking with Brizbow (sp?) from the MRA about it now. The only issue may be the quantity of THC we offload. They are working getting hemp into the system (no different then a caregiver selling it to a dispensary).

Ginas solid, just knows nothing about the industry. I’ve been looking to get a few of the Michigan members here together to set up another meeting with her (she took us to Black Rock Steakhouse on Friday and bought us lunch😁), but I need some solid people. A bunch of people with corporate interest are already trying to get her to sway in the direction they want.

I’ll post the first proposed daft she has and get some input on it. Just need to start another thread for it that pertains to us Michiganders.

I’ll gladly sit down with you all. I like black rock

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AWESOME NEWS I hope this helps some of us out!

I was on the Extract Processor Rules Advisory Committee for the OLCC & the Testing Technical Advisory Committee for the OHA back in 2015, here in Oregon.
It don’t think you completely understand how it works. Yes, those regs will get people by through Oct 31st, at least… but if you have a hemp crop & it tests over for Total THC once the full USDA regs go into place, then you’ll have to destroy the crop either way. This regulation really just allows people to not have to ‘remediate’ their product to such a low level of THC, necessarily, in order to be able to make a final product. Even then, you will need OLCC licensing to be able to transfer the product into the system.
The OLCC & ODA are not ‘working in hand’ the way you think, there’s just a subtle cross over in that one area…

You are allowed 50mg in your finished concentrates now instead of 10mg.

So, 1000mg CBD and 50mg of THC would be legal.

That’ll subtle crossover is HUGE. I completely understand how it works. That’s why I stated I’m from Michigan and it’s something we can implement here. I know hardly anything about Oregon’s laws. I was using it as an example of what CAN and SHOULD be done in regards to protecting processors who can take in complaint biomass and once concentrated, be non-compliant.

It doesn’t help the farmers and the “hot” biomass (which sucks), but it allows smaller processors to be able make a retail product without the addition cost of chroma.

Next is protect the farmers and raise the THC level for their crop. We are looking at disposal methods that the USDA has set forth (which it only relates to prescription pills). I think dousing the product in ethanol would constitute “destroying”. And according to Gina, they said destroy the plant… not the cannabinoids😎

What ‘small processor’ can afford an OLCC license? I know TONS of small/medium processors here in the state, and VERY FEW can afford the license, let alone to jump through the hoops to get it…
The products can only be sold within the state, purely at OLCC dispensaries, in a totally saturated market…
I do know the regulations. I’m telling you, it’s not huge at all. This only helps a handful of operations, and those are NOT small facilities.

Once we have federal legalization of ‘marijuana’, it’s a different story. But as long as the product can only be sold at OLCC dispensaries… you’d be lucky to sell it in small portions… and there’s SO MUCH hemp, that anyone that can do it is trying to do it… and again, only able to sell a very very small portion of the large bulk of product they’re processing (for that sized facility)

I’m referring to how the states can rewrite (to an extent) what the feds are regulating. I’m not so much talking about Oregon marijuana industry but more so the state overall when it comes to end product of hemp concentrates.

Once again, I’m from Michigan. We can sell our CBD products to our dispensaries or retail them in any shop for that matter. No other license needed for that other then your hemp processors license.

And piss on the feds legalizing herb…

They got their hands on hemp and took 3 months to screw that up.


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I had that same thought. “I soaked my plants in alcohol just so they would burn extra well.”


I still like what was said…

“They said destroy the plants… nothing about the cannabinoids”:metal:t3::sunglasses::metal:t3: