Oregon Commercial Hemp Processing License?

Where can you find information on Oregon requirements on a licensed lab for strictly hemp extraction? All I can find is permits for existing OLCC processors to accept hemp, but I assume there is a license outside of the recreational cannabis industry for strictly hemp that I am overlooking.

What you’re looking for is the Hemp Handler application, which you can find a link to here: State of Oregon: Hemp - About Hemp

The most difficult part of the requirement is obtaining a LUCS letter to submit with the application.

It takes a few weeks for the application to be approved. I had a handler permit last year for processing/extracting, but hung that up to grow this year instead.


Thanks @agreatday ! Were lab inspections tricky? (Fire department ect.)

Any advice on the LUCS letter or otherwise would be appreciated.

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For last year there was NO inspection of the lab. Not sure what they are doing with that this year, but the guys that administer the industrial hemp program at the Dept of Ag are all super nice and super helpful. Probably your best bet is to pick up the phone and call them. The number is 503-986-4644 – this number takes you right to the department that handles hemp.