Oregon - 1 Lb Closed Loop Extraction Equipment and Vacuum Oven For Sale

I am selling this used closed loop extraction kit that I do not have the space for and cannot use at my current location. It is used but still in good working condition. Located in Salem, OR. This would be for local pickup only. Will not ship.

All equipment is being sold for $2500 in total. Willing to negotiate prices.

This would make for a great at home hobby kit for someone trying to get into extraction.

1 Lb Closed Loop Extraction Kit, Comes with Fill tube, Collection chamber, reducer, gaskets, sight glass, recovery pump, hoses, valves, vacuum oven with vacuum pump, recovery tank. Everything you see in the pictures.

Vacuum oven is Across International 110v Model: VO-16050m. 5 oven rack shelfs included.

Vacuum pump is Robinair High Performance Vacuum Pump Model No: 15120A. Capacity 10 CFM.

Recovery Pump is APPION Star Performance G5Twin for Refrigerant Recovery.

Let me know if you have any questions. Hoping to make a quick sale =)

Setup no butane included.

Recovery Pump

Across International Vacuum Oven with Robinair Vacuum Pump

Recovery Tank

Various extra parts

2nd Sight Glass with Reducer.

Hahaha. Where did you find my old shit?

Got It from a friend. It came with a building they had purchased.