Orange to clear ethanol

Okay so ive posted here once before, got great help. I think im ready for the next step, turning my orange ethanol wash to clear. Before we get started i am semi-new to extraction but i help run a commercial lab. Funny right, be gentle.

Heres my process:
1.Bag up trim in dunk bags. We put 1000 grams in each bag. Then freeze in our big freezee for 2 days. The freezer gets to -25c.
2. We dunk the bags into 40 gallons of cold ethanol in the same freezer. We generally do 18,000 grams. We dunk the bags for 45 mins to 1hr for distallite, and 1 minute for shatter.
3. After the dunk we filter the wash,the wash is green. Right after the dunk we filter it with a horizontal press filter. (Basically a wine filter). With four 14 micron filters. We do this so we can renove the sediment.
4. We charcoal. We add charcoal, then filter it twice. Then chacoal again and filter it twice. Then charcoal it again filter it back into the freezer. We filter the wash untill it is golden orange yellow.
5. We winterize the wash for 2 days.
6. We filter the wash with a 5 micron filter twice. Then repeat this with a fine .45 micron filter.
7. Rotovap in a 20l roto vap.
8. If we want distallite we short path it, if we want shatter we bake it in our vacuum oven.

So basically i want to achieve 2 things.

  1. What can i do to make the wash go from gold yellow orange to clear, to make super clear distallite.
  2. Any ideas how to speed our process up.
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Well considering you carbon scrub anyways why wait two days to freeze the material? The carbon will take care of the green color.

Just start with cold ethanol and dunk your bags in that, you wont see any difference in quality. You also dont need to be freezing that long if you buy dry ice you can add it to the solution until it stop bubbling violently then filter.

Shouldnt take you all week.


Well when i was talking to the other people working here they say you get more trichomes when you freeze the bags

Ive posted a few great sop on ethanol washes. I do a 40 min Soak with excellent results. Always gets me liquid gold. I also posted up remov8ng the “grinch green” from 3 day old soaked bionass. The ethanol was greener than my christmas tree.


That would be true if your goal was to preserve the trichome heads, but dunking the bag in alcohol the trichomes will dissolve regardless.


Bubble hash, sifter, or dry ice extracted hash is about the only way to preserve whole trichome heads

I thought using dry ice direcrly in ethanol will cause water content ?

It will so work fast.

Link please

8m dealing with another 2 day migraine. My linking skills are alim atm.