Opportunities with biochemistry degree in Cannabis industry ?


Hey there,
I’m curious of the job prospects with a bachelors in biochemistry.
I am very interested in applying my degree to find a niche in the industry.
Currently I’m working in a toxicology lab and have just under two years experience.
I’m curious how somebody like me could find a way into the industry.

Any thoughts?


Unless you have any experience in distilling and isolating THC/CBD firms aren’t willing to pay. It took me a few months to get any responses in Colorado. I have been low balled because I did not have hands on experience with cannabis, even though the techniques/ instrumentation were taught in undergrad. Good luck to you.


If you are really passionate about cannabis then I think you should try searching for laboratory tech jobs at a cannabis lab. You might have to go in as a rookie again even though you have some experience out of college, but if you are a fast learner, I’m sure you can go far. I actually worked in the harvest department at my facility until I finished my degree, then moved to the lab where I am now. Sometimes just getting in the door is all you need.