Operator Cost?

I tried to offer a solution in 2015 but the idea was too early. We filed a 501c(6) professional organization called Cannabis Extractor National Trade Association(CENTA).

We had made contacts within the California Dept of Apprenticeship Standards and had made several steps towards developing a program for extractors before all of our staff members got distracted with other projects in the industry.

This effort was very close to success even back then and would have given technicians in our field the ability to generate REAL occupational resumes; hours worked on specific equipment, total hours of experience, Journeyman advancement, pay scale codification, etc.


What’s stopping it from being revived/completed?

Probably nothing. I turned the keys over to Joey Espinoza in Salinas, CA as well as Ryan Muenevar from Monterey County NORML. They may still have the 501c6 open if you would like to track them down and ask. @Phytoalchemy

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I personally think a dollar a gram with out having to put out a dollar for equipment and carry over head costs is great. I charge 3 a gram for finished distilate but have spent thousands on equipment and pay for everything. Once you get in a routine you should be able to easily produce 2k grams a day if at least using a 5L.

this is what entry level minions are looking at in Eugene right now…


for comparison, if you know your shit, and have paperwork to prove it, you can expect to be compensated considerably more…

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Not gonna lie, the processor job sounds like shite. Seems like you would just be shucking plants all day. :corn:

Makes me appreciate the R & D side of things a little more.

pay scale for this one seems a little more reasonable.

less likely to catch fire.might catch a cold.
certainly not going to catch up on that college loan.

Maybe there is a health plan?

It puts the Cannabis in the washing machine, and then it presses kief..

Right now our shop hands are being paid 15-18/hr if they’re just assistants or support staff. Our machine operators are getting $20-22. This is with on-the-job training and established operating procedures. We do have an incentive program which puts a little more in their pocket as long as we maintain good throughput and keep that production flowing, so often times our guys will get a little more than that.

This is in a California-licensed type 7 volatile extraction facility.


What part of cali?


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where are you located? why type of system? single product or fractional distillation?

Dope i wanna go there i imagine its beautiful.

Have you seen murder mountain on Netflix???


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Just as likely to die in Broward as Humboldt, and there’s more infrastructure there. And the people there at least take the time 2 bury you

I think your mistaken bro. That shit looks rural as fuck. I’ve gone to some rural places along the Appalachian trail but that netflix series made me believe that shit is more rural than most places I’ve been. I could be mistaken, but now I can see how people have to deal with living off the grid. :joy::rofl::joy:

It is rural as it gets. I used to hang out in petrolia and honey dew and live out by kneeland. You get far enough in to the hills(which isnt very far lol) and you’ve got no cell reception, no radio…nothing. No way to call for help. Look on Google maps…their ain’t shit out there except for homesteads and hoop houses lol.

With that said…they have trees. Trees like you may have never seen. My son and I will go back this summer camping. He’s never seen the redwoods…everyone should see the redwoods in person. Oh, awesome beaches too. Go there for the beauty…not to make it rich in the cannabis industry…or give it a shot. But Humboldt makes money off illegal export for the most part. I havent been there in years so I’m sure much has changed and they could be embracing legalization…