CBD and CBG Extraction Chemist (Hemp)

again, not affiliated. just showed up in my feed.


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Anyone interview with these people?
Complete waste of time - they wanted an expert extractor, distiller, formulator, carpenter, electrician all in one!

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and wanted to pay less than the going rate for any of those I assume.

sorry for wasting your time.
like I said, it came across my screen, I thought I’d share.

no worries just wanted to see if anyone else had similar experiences

i actually saw this on craigslist months ago

I can do this!!

Hah, thats me!
Sucks that they took your time.:persevere:

I was thinking the same thing…its like they are looking for @Soxhlet and @cyclopath personally. You 2 seem to fit that resume based on some of the answers you constantly give.

Im sure you guys are the ones writing checks not looking for work!

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Are you looking for Extraction work??

Not at the moment, found something in CA, but who knows what the future holds