OPEN SOURCE: stainless separatory funnel?

Would using a hemispherical reducer, a conical reducer, a 1.5" tc to dip tube and a triclamp shutoff be a good triclamp separatory funnel build?

I was also thinking of putting a borosilicate sight glass on there too so I could see the separations but now I’m thinking it would be fun to play around with the idea of putting a triclamp spool with an inline sight glass on there to see what goes on… make it a weird ass funnel.

Chime in ideas (:

Not particularly insightful. Is someone supposed to pick that up and shake it? If not, stainless conical tanks have been around since the dawn of time


You wouldn’t have any idea when the phase cuts unless you have a sight glass of some sort…but I mean you also could just run processes you know will cut and just use the drain sight glass like you said.

A lot of washes involve pH swings that stainless steel might not tolerate, and we use a lot of reagents that don’t like steel - so I wouldn’t be able to use this myself at least.


Whats your process and what is your budget?

Dont buy anything yet i am launching the LLX system this coming month and it’ll blow your whole world away


This is an all glass site glass you could use to do what you’re talking about


Sounds like @Rowan has some functional answer to the OP, which is cool since LLE kills souls


I think you’d also want a smaller one at the bottom for accuracy when pouring
They also make hemispherical bases with site glasss on them

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You could use a V-Blender for this - assuming that your bottom layer would fit in the bottom of the V. Then the top layer would stay above in the arms. These also automatically shake and spin for consistent mixing. And they usually have nice butterfly valves at the bottom for the release. And sometimes they even have arm chokes or mid V butterfly valves you can open and close to leave the layers above.

They have all sizes… smallest I have used was a 6 liter system. Still pretty sweet. And the small ones go for less than $1k.

Gives more info.

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Just buy a reactor like normal drug manufacturers


I have 2 massive separtory funnels…I’d never use anything but glass and have got away from the traditional stands bc it’s so big and heavy and made wooden stand for it. I also had it made without the traditional stopcock I think it’s called…mine had a bottle cap y… You untighten the bottle cap that’s attached to a plug and it moves the plug down as you loosen opening the Y on the other side. My traditional stopcocks kept breaking getting stuck the new one is perfect. Made and bought from the best glass maker for lab equipment here imo @david

I have a 10,000ml and 15,000ml I think they are…they are freaking huge holding about 3 gallons on one and 3-4gallons of liquid on the other so I can do large extractions at once and also the glass allows u to see when u achieved perfect seperation

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Those RotoFlo stopcocks are far superior to traditional!


Thank you for the translation


Yeah sorry I didn’t know the name thank u for that…yep that’s it like thisScreenshot_20220212-205003


them 1k word substitutes are almost always worth the bandwidth :wink:

object of the game is one of those that doesn’t break when dropped.

which leads me to: Pre-packaging storage of extracts: alternatives to canning jars?.

because I drop things, and dropping glass full of hash gets expensive quickly.


Mix it in 5 gal bucket(or smaller batches pyrex cups to size) before pouring it in via funnel, that way u don’t have to do any dancing w it …it never leaves my stand