Open Source Project - Let's make a recovery pump!

So, I was thinking we could make something fully modular. first things first , What kind of motor is used in a recovery pump?, What kind of style would it be, I was thinking more on the diaphragm pump style but it having an external liquid cooling to it. but whatever is more efficient should be used. I was thinking an optional air operation or perhaps even using water pressure to operate like an internal venturi vacuum but like meant for solvent recovery … but then again i was also thinking what if there was a way to mess around with thermodynamics with the pump like how to get it to be almost a liquid solvent transfer pump on the outer end of the diaphragm vs the intake which would be vapor at the perfect temp always with having very little differentials in vapor temp cause of the pump. like what kind of coolant would have to be circulated through the external cooling system that would be powered by the pump itself? that means it would have to be air operated , right?

What is a recovery pump to you and how would you design one personally and lets get the ideas together into one good one.

super adhd on this one

I don’t imagine for retail of $500 your gonna check most of the boxes everyone will want for a pump. There is definitely a need for a quality pump, the cmep is one of the best options for under 10k and in my personal case i prefer to run 3-6 pumps with that many as backups so any mvp that would suit my needs would have me easily i to it for 50-60k range instantly. There is definitely a place for a good reliable pump but theres alot of variables to take into consideration


Small Diesel engine. VW. Combine with

Large AtEx rated motor, like the 25HP monsters I’m about to pull from 1/2 dozen centrifuges.

Lovejoy to join them in harmony.

We can even lie to the epa about emissions


I didn’t know the name of these prior to this thread, but they are what we use on a couple of our older wheel-move irrigation lines to mate the engine to the hydraulic pump. Stoked to actually know what they are called now lol


If you were gonna build “small” would this do?

I want to find some 110v-120v ones but they’re hard to find so far.

What? What are you working on whatsa wheel move irrigation line?

For Alfalfa.

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ur growing alfalfa and the lovejoy coupling is for that equipment?

Yeah, we grow alfalfa

And yeah, it’s used to attach the output shaft from the little Honda engine to the shaft on the hydraulic pump.

Couple pics of generic wheel moves


Engine, pump, controls and gears would be under that cover


Could any small scale engine work to power the motor?

Like that?

Shit I know where that’s at😂

Don’t some pumps use Venturi principles to recover gas, like using an air compressor?
If so that would be the cheapest especially since would be less shit to fuck up…

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Yeah, those are some generic google pics lol

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@cyclopath originally I was going to post this on the OP

I may be crazy but I don’t want doom; so I’m asking help to move vapor that goes boom
I want to create something with a heart; that doesn’t explode or melt from the vapors it farts
I think this will be an open source project; so it doesn’t become a bomb or a rocket