Open Source Pre-Roll Packer

Ah! I just looked it up and you seem to be correct! I’ve always thought that ABS released HCN when printing but that only happens when it burns.

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Finally, after about 3 weeks of testing, I have all the numbers I need to actually make the Mk III. While I like the design of the Mk II, it is just too bulky for my liking and have really been gunning for a plate design for a while but didn’t have the print quality to do it. Now that the elephant’s foot and build plate adhesion are sorted, plate-based designs are a breeze. This was always the goal because of the modularity that can be built in.

This is a 5-unit packer that I’m doing to test all the features in action to make sure I’m not overlooking anything. This will allow me to make a few critical decisions on the final design (do I need another frame, changing spacer sizes etc.) I’m really happy with how this is turning out and it should be ready to mess around with this afternoon.

Non-Default Print Settings:
Wall Line Count: 2
Infill Density: 10% (Both as material saving measures)
Enable Ironing: No (Time Saving)


this is amazing stuff brother. you are a saint and a scholar.

Thank you for sharing and documenting this project! Be happy to help with any testing and printing. 300x300 build volume if you need a larger print. Cheers!