[Open Source Design Project] - Falling Film Evaporator



I see scrubbies! This is a thing of beauty in every way! Multiple effect and all! Now we just need to apply these concepts to cannabinoid distillation! :grin:


Yeah, but it’s still a single effect system, it appears. Not very efficient… akin to a large simple still. @Future and Agile Stainless appear to be on the right track, as is @downtheterphole’s company!


Can anyone recommend some gear pumps?

Would this work?


Hot Tub/Spa/Swimming Pool Heating
Marine (Salt Water) Applications
Outdoor Wood Boilers, Furnaces, Stoves
Radiant Heating
Solar Heating
Snow Melting
Oil Cooling
Heat Recovery
Gravity Feed
Brewing, Dairy or Wine Processing
Other liquid to liquid and water to water heat exchange applications


None of the illustrations show where the vacuum source is in the system. Is it past where the vapor outlet is in the separator vessel? Would that cause the ethanol vapor to follow that path?

What is the average vacuum that is being pulled? And what is,the corresponding temperature the mixture is being heated to evaporate?


It’s usually after the condenser on most units I’ve seen. There are a few ways of doing it but that’s easiest with standard equipment. Temperature/pressure gradient causes it to follow that path generally.

Vacuum is anywhere from shallow to deep depending on application, hardware, and setup. Most commonly people tend to set the vac to a level that sets the BP around 50 or 60 Celsius.