Open hemp toll extraction capacity to winterized & decarbed crude in Colorado $6.50/input lb

My company Biomass Isolations has some open capacity starting in a little over a week, slots filled first come first serve. Extraction using cold ethanol with an output product of a fully winterized and decarbed premium crude that is filtered to 1 micron.

$6.50/input pound on tolls, we can currently extract about 1000 lbs/day, we max out at 1200-1300 lbs/day but I just lost one of my laborers and don’t want to overpromise capacity until I have a replacement for him.

We have size reduction capacity in house for larger & buddy material, $6.50/lb price is for debucked material. Open to some negotiation on larger tolling contracts. 500 lb minimum.

We produce a premium output product and both @Dabatronicus and @nomadgt have distilled and can vouch for our process and the quality of our crude. We refer people to those guys and a couple others for distillation, CBD isolate and THC remediation.

Have secured storage capacity on site for 20k+ lbs. PM me for more information or to schedule.


So that’s to winterized decarbed crude? For 6.50 a pound?

That’s correct

@greenbuggy definitely makes excellent crude. His stuff has always been consistently good for me and he’s a man of his word which is just as important to me.


I can also verify his crude is best quality around. Their company is one of the best in the industry and we trust them completely.

No fats , waxes, or sugars present and gets superior yields to traditionally dewaxed material.

Once distillate pass is all that’s ever needed


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Coronavirus special, $5.50 per input pound. We are currently running a skeleton crew and making attempts to social distance as best we can, we’re happy to unload your truck/trailer without you getting out of the cab, and able to email or SMS you a copy of our intake form so you or your driver doesn’t have to handle a clipboard anyone else has touched

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