Open blast crc

Just curious is it possible to open blast crc? Has anyone ever done it?

Will be making the sop this week. But yes doable


I tried it out. Just to see what happens.

Filled a column with material 80G worth, then chilled it on Dry Ice for 1hr.
I just used C545. Probably the wrong thing to use, but I was curious.
I made a slurry in a filter.

Blasted into a consol jar on DI.

This is the filter after the run.

Will post pic of product later.

Please note, I did this for an experiment. I use a cls for all my work.


C545 does nothing for color. It helps filter out all the fines from other media


What was the og blast coming out like no media add3d?o have a very specific setup I run can be app located to any filter plate setup really. But I will post that later this week as I’ll have all the proper media’s in a few days to show proper tek for this exactly. Wanted to cover all bases of extraction as usual lol. This is just to show small scale is better to show how your large scale will turn out essentially but also making a clean product in the process.

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Yes I have now realized C545 does nothing for color, just fine particles.

Would a separate filter of AC above the C545 be a better color “filter”?

All I have atm is C545, AC and some talc

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With ac i believe you’ll lose thca


Yea so I’ve heard.
So not gonna use that…

Especially if our end goal is some kind of sauce…

Can you tag me in your SOP when you make it please and thank you.I just got my hands on some sintered disks I’m going to be adding into my column and want to see if the open blast will work.

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It will be added to the sop list available in the glg, consultation for it is available though at a discounted price from my normal fee.


Ahh damn. I ain’t part of GLG. Any way for a hook up?

When I’m big I can pay for GLG. Atm life happens…


if you can find the money for it, do it. as a broke college student i paid using what little money i had and it has paid for itself 10x over


Honestly all thw info is on here as well you just have to find it. I paid for it to realize i already knew the majority of the sops


Yea I have read every thread on here, it’s just difficult putting it all together in a nice one-pager.
I will and am scouring the forums continually to get the answers I seek.

I have read that clays are a great filter for colour. Bentonite seems to be a good one.

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So you want to charge for an open blast sop?
Theres no way its difficult. Its open blasting lol.

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Probably not gonna post an open blast SOP on the GLG…


Was just thinking literally if you would want that. Figured as much

Strongly recommend you use this free resource to level up to the point where the GLG is a write off for your successful business. Not trying to get money from anyone who won’t see the immediate benefits of the gang :call_me_hand:t3:

Feel free to hit me up if you ever have any questions about making hash, the gang, whatever


Bro juat add a crc to the bottom of your column. Add powders and blast. It will go to the point of least pressure which is out of the tube through your crc. Are you closed column?

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Oh believe me I have leveled up so much since joining the Forum and I thank you all for the knowledge drops.