Opaque Glass Packaging - Tincture Bottles that aren't painted

Anyone have a source they like for glass packaging that is opaque and not spray painted? We’re looking for 30ml 20-400 dropper bottles in an actual opaque glass. Every sample I’ve gotten has clearly just been spray painted and its janky AF.


Do you have photo examples of what you’re looking for? Most trading companies you can find on Alibaba that sell dropper bottles should be able to point you in the right direction if you’re explicitly clear with wanting an opaque bottle, and provide multiple examples of what you’re looking for.

A company owned by a friend of mine uses “clear” opaque glass dropper bottles, so they’re definitely out there.

Looking for a finish like this concentrate container:

But I keep getting janky ass samples like this lol:


I know they exist, just hoping someone might have some insight to cut down the amount of sorting I have to do to find the right vendor.

I’m not even sure what an “opaque clear” bottle would look like lol

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Fantastic my friend, exactly what I was looking for


Your second image didn’t upload properly, could you try reuploading it so I can see what you mean?

I may have misspoken, I was more referring to a colorless frosted glass bottle when I was speaking about a “clear opaque” container.

These sites might have something you’re looking for domestically. Easier customer support, and you can likely get answers on what the glass material is by calling or emailing them, rather than needing to get samples. For orders <5k-10k units I prefer to stay stateside since the economics don’t really shift into China’s favor when you add the cost of sea freight, customs clearance + brokers, and LTL freight to your door.

FWIW, I saw a lot of “ultraviolet glass” that seemed to fit your bill, but it could’ve been a dark blue rather than a black. I just googled “black glass jars”.


Edit: Oops included links to jars rather than dropper bottles hahaha. Thanks @pangea for the good link.


Of course, sorry

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Do you want your product to be matte or glossy glass? I worked for a DTC cosmetics company a few years ago and we found that basically all of the matt glass was painted, while the glossy stuff tended to be dyed glass. I’m not a glassblower nor am I well-versed on how glass products are made, so I could’ve been looking in the wrong places. Regardless, glossy black will be much easier to find with lower MOQ’s and faster shipping.

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I’m fine with a gloss black product although a satin black would look pretty sweet

Here’s a trading company with some pretty cool bottles on Alibaba. You’ll likely have much better luck looking for solid dark blue/violet glass as opposed to solid black, but you should get in contact with these companies and request photos of what they have available. You can bullshit about your desired order amount so they get back to you faster and give you more photos, and then take those photos to a different company and see if they have any of those bottles available.

Pro tip: basically all the sellers on Alibaba are trading companies and not actual factories, so you’re just dealing with middlemen. They’ll have photos of the factory and even lie that they are the factory, but they’re almost always 3rd party reps/trading companies.

This is fine for smaller amounts since the MOQ is smaller and they speak English, but if you want to actually talk to the factory and negotiate rates for the low low, go on sites like 1688 to find the factory names. Get (or pay) a friend who speaks fluent Mandarin, and/or Cantonese if dealing with HK based vendors, otherwise Mandarin is fine for mainland-based companies. There’s an entirely different price list from Chinese vendors if you can speak Chinese, my friends have saved me >50% of purchase price on orders from Alibaba by negotiating in Chinese with sellers over wechat.


Aha, I think I cracked what you should be searching for. Try searching for “porcelain” or “ceramic” bottles, rather than just glass. A fully opaque bottle will be made out of one of those substances as opposed to regular ol’ glass. I don’t want to spend too much more time having this on my head, but here’s what I think you’re looking for, but in white rather than black. I included a black one without the proper dropper tops, but those are a really common component, so any vendor will be able to supply them.

Hope this helps!


Super helpful, thank you for the links and the attention!


What about brown/blue glass?

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From experience Infinity Jars are beautiful quality and have very helpful customer service, however a little pricey.


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Would have to be opaque but otherwise would be fine. We have a green glass currently (like a heineken bottle) that we’re catching flak over

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Are you seeing degradation of the product?

Not even a little bit lol. It’s just a stupid fucking compliance thing. Some genius decided that “must be light resistant, or opaque, or both” really means “must be opaque”. Now we have several thousand dollars of packaging that we can’t use because we don’t want to risk a recall over.

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Can you heat shrink a plastic sleeve over the existing bottles with a new label?



And would/could also act as child resistant.


Yep that’s my plan B. I just think it’s a little cheap looking to have to whole label peel off but it’ll certainly do the trick in a pinch