Only The Strong sauce tek


This was Bruce banner #4 that the extract was taken from. :joy::joy::joy:


that was even better. As its crystallizing it turns green like the hulk. Sharp this morning.


When agitated the beast is released. :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


I think he’s using a blue jar


…I’m all cool w the green mystery oil,hoping for blue jar…¡!!!

I wanna know why the chia pet isn’t out setting beside it!
Take it out from hiding and put her up! Ancient chia! Right beside that jar I’d love it!
Hot damn haven’t seen one those in 20yrs!


Good call on the blue jar @Dred_pirate
looks like a blue ball jar to me too, It took me for a second though. My two thoughts were Etoh and chlorophyll, or someone made a copper bho extractor and ran live resin!


I scrolled up to his previous posts after they mentioned that they weren’t discolored before.


I let my 3x36 dewax column sit with a dry ice/99%iso slurry for 18 hours before i ran, came out nice and clear. The jar is a Green ball jar haha. Only one i could find without taking an hour trip to town.


WOW 18hrs did you fall asleep. Never heard of someone dewaxing inline for that long.


I used to think that too, until i ran a jar of gg#4nuggs, let sit for 2 hours and blasted, got my nice glass sheet, nugs always seem to turn to glass when their done in an oven. Let it sit overnight and ran it the next day for a 2nd wash and couldnt believe how much brighter color and flavor came out for a 2nd wash. Since then i always let my column sit with slurry overnight when doing nugget runs.


Pure tane butane, can fed into tank, then distilled.


better pic so you all can see its green lol, i do wish it was some bruce banner diamonds instead of some black queen tho



i have beautiful growth in my mini jar, i didn’t have enough terp sauce to make a layer over the bottom, so i tilted the jar on its side in hopes of it forming at least something, and lo and behold it did, but the reason im posting is because i have diamonds crystallized on the bottom of the jar where no terp layer is. so i’m guessing they do not have to necessarily be suspended in the terp liquid to form


I swear I use to think it had to be thick… til I said fuck it and left it thin, bc my runs was small and wrong size jar…I was tipping in side till then…my biggest and easiest to remove formations yet…something they like about rising out the solution and single layer diamonds…makes for some the best formations!

I’m just saying they will still grow large!

U would want enough for a layer so I get why u did…just showing that it don’t have to be very thick though


day 6, there just popping outta everywhere lol :smile:


day 6 without that bright light


day 6, opposite side of seed, will post another update on day 10. Thanks everyone for the tek, tips, and constantly quick answers when needed.


Looking good :+1:. Glad u getting ur diamond game on


Beautiful, nice work