Only Fans (Discussion on fans and airflow)

What are you guys using in your large grow rooms to move air?

Any favorite brands or certain types that work best for you?

Are you measuring your airflow with a device?

How much airflow do you consider too much?

I haven’t found a oscillating fan that isnt a pile of crap, unless they are the 16" white cheap fans, which is my go to in smaller rooms.

Im sure ill have some more questions depending on how this 1 goes :laughing:.

Go ahead and drop your opinions, experiences, and recommendations below if you could. I appreciate any and all responses.

Check out Patterson Fans


These are easy to mount on a wall and move a lot of air


@Autumn_Ridge_Hemp The 20 inch is what i use mainly for lower air flow under canopy and i have them screwed to the ceiling (16’ ceilings) blowing directly down also.
@Ibuyhemp ill check out that brand thanks!

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Huge missed opportunity to call this the “only fans” thread.


Facts :rofl:

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Good edit.


Solid option

Patterson or Schaefer fans would definitely be ideal

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How are you judging when you have enough airflow?

I would assume when you have even temps and humidity throughout the room without causing damage to the plants from excessive airflow, then you’ve reached ideal airflow.

Smaller hurricane fans are the ones ive had the best luck with but they arent powerful enough for what i need in larger rooms. And the large hurricane fans are the piles of crap i speak of. Gen 1 and gen 2 are both junk and should be avoided at all cost. They do have good customer service though. They had us cut the cords off 30+ fans and take a picture to send to them and they
Sent out new fans quickly. They told us to throw the bad fans away.

I’m always learning so i appreciate all the feedback so far and @WhereAreTheStones nice looking garden(the definition of wall to wall)! And :laughing: at the meme
@Sidco_Cat thanks for the thread title recommendation! Fits nicely :ok_hand: :wink:
@Ibuyhemp those Patterson fans aren’t playing around! Guess you gotta pay for quality sometimes.
@Autumn_Ridge_Hemp Solid recommendation


Yeah, just making sure there is uniformity throughout the canopy. I had the wall fan on unistrut, so I could easily adjust the height when needed. Also had inline fans with registers mounted under the tables.

You can get a hotwire anemometer if you really want an accurate measurement, but every room is different and adjustments are to be expected.

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do you have a picture of your unistrut fan setup of how you attached something to the fan to make it work?

Is there a paticular brand and model of anemometer you could recommend?

What numbers do you feel are too high, ideal, or too low when using the meter?

I appreciate everyone’s contributions. Im always looking to learn something new.

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I must be high, the fan in the first pic I posted is actually a Global Industrial fan. I was using the Utilitech fans before the Global Industrial. This was how I mounted the Utilitech fans. Had to drill holes and use all-thread.

I honestly wouldn’t recommend them.


No experience with them personally, but this may help.